All of the awesome event photos of you and your teammates will be available for you to download, print and share on social media…for free! Below are links to the event highlight album and all participant photos. Event photos will be available the week after your MuckFest MS event, and we will share the link here, via email, and on Facebook.

If you have trouble accessing your photos, please email







MFMS_2017_Social_Facebook_2048x2048_PhotosAreHere_4 MFMS_2017_Social_Facebook_2048x2048_PhotosAreHere_Boston MFMS_2017_Social_Facebook_2048x2048_PhotosAreHere_9 MFMS_2017_Social_Facebook_2048x2048_PhotosAreHere_8 

MFMS_2017_Social_Facebook_2048x2048_PhotosAreHere_6 MFMS_2017_Social_Facebook_2048x2048_PhotosAreHere_7 MFMS_2017_Social_Facebook_2048x2048_PhotosAreHere_11 MFMS_2017_Social_Facebook_2048x2048_PhotosAreHere_2 

MFMS_2017_Social_Facebook_2048x2048_PhotosAreHere_1 MFMS_2017_Social_Facebook_2048x2048_PhotosAreHere_12 MFMS_2017_Social_Facebook_2048x2048_PhotosAreHere_5 MFMS_2017_Social_Facebook_2048x2048_PhotosAreHere_10



MFMS_2016_Social_EventWeek_BostonPhotos MFMS_2016_Social_EventWeek_CityPhotos_Philadelphia MFMS_2016_Social_EventWeek_CityPhotos_NewJersey MFMS_2016_Social_EventWeek_CityPhotos_Denver MFMS_2016_Social_EventWeek_CityPhotos_Detroit MFMS_2016_Social_EventWeek_CityPhotos_TwinCities mfms_2016_social_eventweek_cityphotos_chicago mfms_2016_social_eventweek_cityphotos_sanfrancisco mfms_2016_social_eventweek_cityphotos_houston mfms_2016_social_eventweek_cityphotos_dallas mfms_2016_social_eventweek_cityphotos_losangeles


2015_MFMS_SocialMedia_CityTees_Boston 2015_MFMS_SocialMedia_CityTees_NewJersey 2015_MFMS_SocialMedia_CityTees_Detroit 2015_MFMS_SocialMedia_CityTees_STL2015_MFMS_SocialMedia_CityTees_Chicago 2015_MFMS_SocialMedia_CityTees_TwinCities 2015_MFMS_SocialMedia_CityTees_SanFrancisco 2015_MFMS_SocialMedia_CityTees_LA Houston Photos

34 Comments on “Photos

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  3. When will the photos from Muckfest Boston 2016 be available? The race dates were 5/14/2016 and 5/15/2016

    • We will be sharing our official event photos later this week. So keep an eye out on our Facebook page!

  4. 67 photos of the two day Boston event is not a lot. Will you be posting the finishing photos of all the teams?

    • Hi Bob,

      You might be looking at the photos from last years event. We will be sharing a preview of the photos this week and you’ll be able to search for yourself and your team with your bib number once we sort through everything!

  5. Our team Lindsey’s Muck Ryders had such an amazing 1st MuckFest and we are already getting a bigger team started for next year, so we are hopeful it will be back in Boston or surrounding areas! I do have a question, I lost my “I Muck It With MS” blue bib the Swing Set obstacle and was wondering if I could get a replacement? It would mean the world to me. I was so bummed that I lost it. Thank you for everything and we are still collecting donations but is there a deadline for collections?
    Thanks Again,

  6. When will the philly 2016 pictures go up from Saturday?

  7. You will post the pics you cant see bib numbers in right? I did the race in NJ today but my number was so covered in mud when I got to the end with the golden duck you couldnt see the numbers…tried wiping it off and photographer was like no stop just look for 12:45 (was it really that early? lol – the mud started flinging on his clean khakis – whoops lol 😉 ) My bib was 52499 if that helps any 10:40 wave on Saturday 🙂 <3

    • Mary: you’ll be able to search for your photos by bib number or name once we get them uploaded on Friday!

  8. Hello…wondering when the pictures from the Twin Cities Muck Fest will be available for download. Thanks.

  9. When should the San Francisco run photos be available? Thanks!

    • Hi Anthony, you can find a sneak peek on our Facebook page and all photos will be posted by the end of the week!

  10. Where can we find the Lil Muckers pictures from Muckfest Dallas 2016. I saw pictures being taken but can not find them on Gameface?

  11. will there be participant photos for 2017? it was so disappointing to see that no one was taking photos at the finish line.

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