Guest Post: CHEERS!

We’re excited to share a guest blog post from our National MuckFestival Sponsor, Traveler Beer Company!


They say good things come in threes, right?! Well, we here at Traveler Beer think so, because this is our THIRD year as the national MuckFestival sponsor! We’ve seen hundreds of crazy, muddy costumes and given out even more high fives over the past two years, and can’t wait to see some familiar faces again and meet even more muckers! 

If you’re not familiar with Traveler Beer, we make a variety of Shandys that just so happen to be perfect for relaxing after a muddy adventure, no matter if the weather is super sunny and hot, or cool and windy (lookin’ at you, Boston).  All of our beers are craft wheat ales made with a variety of fruits. 

Over the summer, we’ll be pouring two different Shandys, and before you returners ask, those Shandys you love are back!

If you’re a ruby red fan, Traveler Grapefruit Shandy will be your go-to. This deceptively delicious wheat beer delivers a bright and satisfying citrus aroma and flavor, with a smooth refreshing finish. 

Or if you’re a sucker for the classics, Curious Traveler Lemon Shandy might be up your alley. This limited seasonal offering will be around during the summer months and is the OG Traveler. Our take on the classic European Shandy, this beer delivers a crisp, light body, and has fresh lemon and a touch of lime to bring out a juicy, citrus aroma and flavor.

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To find where you can purchase a Traveler near you, click here!


Take a Leap with Us

You know how people say, “Save the best for last”? Well, we agree with that motto! That’s why we save our high-rise obstacle, Crash Landing, until right before the finish line. This towering obstacle will get your adrenaline pumping before AND after you take a leap of faith with us.

Scared? Don’t be! Crash Landing will turn you into a certified stunt double. Just jump, kick your legs out, and stick the landing! But don’t forget to smile! You never know who will be hanging around to record your moves. You might even become muck famous.

Want to see some of our superstar stunt doubles from last year? Check out the video below!

New Arm Candy is Here!

Did you hear the exciting news? When you sign up for MuckFest® MS as a team captain and grow your team to 7 or more members, you’ll score our new exclusive team captain arm band!

The best thing about it? You’ll pick up your arm band when you get to the event so there’s no need to remember to pack it with all your other MuckFest MS essentials for getting down and dirty in the muck. In order to win BIG, you’ll need to head over to our website to start a team! After that, you’ll need to make sure you have 7 warriors signed up and ready to get muddy on event day. It’s just that easy.


Already signed up as a captain? Then, just make sure you recruit 7 of your friends and family members to join your team before registration closes and you’ll automatically be qualified to snag this sweet arm candy!

We guarantee this will be the hottest accessory of the season! So, you’ll want to get your hands on one and wear it with pride on event day. This way, as your team gets ready to tackle outrageous obstacles and hilarious muddy pits, every other Mucker will know that you’re the captain of a MuckFest MS team that is ready to stomp MS in the mud and get one step closer to an end to MS!

While we’re SO excited to be bringing the muck to Charlotte for the first time, we know someone who might be even more excited than we are! Jorden Harvey has been a dedicated Boston Mucker for the last two years, but this year she gets to play in the mud closer to home. She and team Muckiest Mother Muckers will be helping us christen the mud in Charlotte for the first time.


MuckFest MS: How did you hear about the event?

Jorden: I saw the event on The Bachelor a couple years ago and thought it sounded like fun! My college roommate/best friend lives with MS so that’s what made me ready to take on the mud.

MuckFest MS: We know you have always mucked it in Boston. Who’s by your side when you play in the mud?

Jorden: Every year it’s been our little core group that started together and then every year other people tag along and join our team because they think it sounds like fun.

MuckFest MS: Why do you love MuckFest® MS?

Jorden: I get to have fun with my close friends while raising money and awareness for a great cause. What could be better?

MuckFest MS: How does it feel to get to experience a brand new MuckFest MS course this year?

Jorden: I am so excited to see a new course in a new city, plus this location is much closer to home for me!

MuckFest MS: Are you excited to be one of the first Muckers to ever get muddy in Charlotte?

Jorden: Being first is always fun! We get to muck where no muckers have mucked before!


MuckFest MS: Why is fundraising for MuckFest MS Charlotte important to you?

Jorden: I love the fact that all the money raised goes to research and treatment for those with MS. It feels like a great way to show my support for my best friend who has MS. Plus, I know a friend that has an aunt that is diagnosed and has gone through a lot of ups and downs because of it. So, I’ve always fundraised for the Boston events and I will for Charlotte, too.

MuckFest MS: Why do you think that others should start fundraising for the event?

Jorden: 100% of fundraising proceeds go to treatment and research. There is no confusion about where any of the money is going. MuckFest MS is straight forward and it feels great to help provide money towards treatment and research that is working to find a cure for MS.

MuckFest MS: How has participating in MuckFest MS impacted your life?

Jorden: It has brought me closer to my teammates. It gives us all a common cause to raise money for and helps us feel like we are making a difference for those who live with MS. We look forward to this event every year and try to raise as much money as possible for the National MS Society.

MuckFest MS: Tell us a little bit more about how MuckFest MS helps cultivate a bonding experience for you and your friends.

Jorden: There is a special bond created when you are sloshing through water, crawling through mud, and jumping from great heights with friends. Personally, I am not super athletic and a little afraid of heights so I depend on encouragement from my teammates when it comes to conquering the MuckFest MS course. We have made great memories the past two years and I can’t wait to make more in Charlotte!


MuckFest MS: What do you most look forward to at an event?

Jorden: Having fun with my teammates. On the day of the event when the fundraising is done, it’s just time to get mucky and have fun with my friends in the mud!

MuckFest MS: Describe MuckFest MS in three words.

Jorden: Muddy, fun, memorable!

MuckFest MS: Which obstacle is your favorite?

Jorden: It is a tie between the AbbVie Spinner and Flying Muckers. I guess I like flying through the air! I also love the Mucking Corral where the Mud Master has us play fun and muddy games before we get out on the course.

MuckFest MS: Finish this sentence… “When I’m at MuckFest MS, I…”

Jorden: always have a blast!

We cannot wait to muck it up with Jorden and her team! It’s even more exciting due to the fact that we are coming to Charlotte this year, Jorden’s team has grown to 17 people! Woo hoo!

We don’t know if you heard, but it’s National Beer Day! We’re celebrating with an ice cold shandy from our National Craft Beer Sponsor, the Traveler Beer Company and day dreaming about muck. Cheers to the weekend! #NationalBeerDay


Muddy Mucker Monday

We all know that MuckFest® MS is built for laughs, but there’s more than laughing that takes place while our participants are playing in the mud. From smiling, shouting, and cheering; there is a magnitude of emotions experienced while in the muck! Here are some of the latest #MuckFace submissions from Muckers that show mud brings out the best side in all of us!

Ray Budden for Uncle LumpyPaula KlineNicole ScottCW Moss (2)Heidi CorreiraBrandiWyne Enola KiekelKerry DiehlStacey ReneeRay BuddenCheryl Newman DostalekGail Wermerskirchen KragthorpeKathy Decato (2)Sheila Timmons

So, you’ve signed up for a mud and obstacle run… at this moment, you might be questioning why you want to spend a day running, playing in mud, and taking on obstacles of all shapes and sizes. We know why you signed up, you want to help benefit the National MS Society and support a great cause! But you also want to show off to your friends and family with awesome action shots of you jumping, flying, and swinging around on cool obstacles that you won’t find anywhere else.

Still nervous? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of what you can expect at some of our favorite obstacles at MuckFest® MS! Check out our suggestions for conquering them and tips on how to look like an expert while still having fun.

Triple Pits

On this obstacle, you’ll make your way up and down our huge mounds of mud. With each climb, you’ll slide down the other side into a muddy pool. The best part? Each one gets even bigger than the last as you continue along. Expert tip: Look for a helping hand or just relax in one of the muddy pools in between your mountain treks so you don’t get tired out before you complete the obstacle.

Big Balls

These nine swinging balls will get you slipping and sliding in the mud until you get to the other side. But watch out, if you’re not careful they will knock you right into our pits of muck. We advise that you run across the path to the other side, but some Muckers find it easier to crawl through. We think you’ll want to stay on your feet for maximum fun. Expert tip: Challenge your teammates to a race across and surely one or two will slip into the watery trenches.

Spider Web

This two-part obstacle will take you under it through a tangled web of confusion while you get covered in mud. Then, you’ll come back around to climb high above the ground on our webbed net. Want an expert tip? Try crawling under the elastic cords so you don’t get trapped.

Swing Set

If you’ve ever wished they made a swing set just for adults, then you’ll find your dream come true at Swing Set. Just hop up on a platform and rock yourself back and forth until you’re ready to jump into the muddy abyss! We’ve got your expert tip… the longer you swing, the more epic the jump.

Flying Muckers

Your first order of business at this obstacle is making sure you have a good grip before launching out over the muddy water. Once you do, hang on tight! As soon as you leave the platform, Flying Muckers will zip you across a lake of mucky water and then you’ll drop down into said water. You’ll surely find your inner Tarzan as you zoom past your teammates. Expert tip: Remember to smile, there’s sure to be a photographer or two lurking around in the bushes.

 The AbbVie Spinner

Just like Flying Muckers, you’ll want to grab a handle tightly as this obstacle takes you on a spin. You’ll hang over a moat of water as this motorized obstacle takes you all the way around to the other side. True experts practice their acrobatic skills by hanging upside down during their journey. Not for you? Then try to knock your teammate off their ring while you spin around.

Crash Landing

The best way to end the day is with a leap of faith at our obstacle, Crash Landing. You’ll be able to brag to all your friends that you can now be hired as a stunt double. Expert tip: Make sure to kick your legs out in front of you when you jump. This way you’ll stick the landing!

Teaming Up for Tib

Last year we had a very special team join us for MuckFest® MS Denver! Mayhem Muckers took on the muck with a team of 12 to show their support for their team member, Tib.

In 2015, Tib’s children decided that they should all participate in MuckFest MS to show support for their mother, who was diagnosed with MS in 2003. So they joined us and played in the mud together! For Tib, participating in MuckFest MS is important because it has a positive impact on her life in so many ways. Before 2015, she thought 5K’s were for “real” athletes. For a 50-year-old woman living with MS, the thought of a 5K was intimidating. However, after some convincing by her two sons and their girlfriends she decided to try it with them.

They planned to raise money for the National MS Society after signing up, and they made a pact to not only laugh as much as they could on the course, but to also help Tib tackle every single obstacle she wanted to attempt no matter if they had to pull, push, carry, or drag her. She found the whole idea daunting, but with the support of her kids she knew she wanted to do it to prove it to them and herself.

In the end, she conquered the course with non-stop laughing at and in-between each obstacle. After her experience, she knew they had to do it again the next year! So, in 2016, Tib gathered an array of friends and family to take on the muddy course at MuckFest MS Denver. She even got her husband to join in on the fun!

Nothing stopped Tib from completing the course. Not even her fear of climbing the obstacles like Spider Web or having to jump off Muck Off into a pool of muddy water. Her team encouraged her the whole way and her husband motivated her to face her fears and take on the challenges the day presented her. With them by her side, she laughed the day away and even felt so carefree that she felt like a kid!

Ultimately, for Tib, MuckFest MS was a perfect way for her to challenge herself and raise awareness about living with MS. By fundraising for the event, Tib could share with people that despite not looking sick, MS is something that affects her life. She raised close to $500 for the National MS Society and plans to raise even more this year.

She used the fundraising tools on the website to post to Facebook. It helped explain the event, the cause, and didn’t make her feel uncomfortable about asking for donations. She could share her personal story and show her friends and family exactly how to donate if they wanted to. She hopes to raise even more money this year to go towards MS research because finding a cure is her goal.

We can’t wait to have Tib and the Mayhem Muckers to join us again in 2017! Check out the footage from their team’s muddy adventure below! You’ll catch Tib in her blue “I Muck with MS” bandana to show she is stronger than MS. 

Message from Tib: “Having my sister and brother-in-law show up and take all this footage made me feel so supported and loved. Living with MS is often lonely because you don’t want to burden anyone with how you’re feeling, or with what’s going on. And most people with MS look fine, so no one knows if you’re not feeling well. It’s not their fault, how can they know when you don’t show it. So, to have MuckFest MS Denver as a way for friends and family to support me and the cause of finding a cure, sort of blew me away. If I can make even a small difference in getting someone to donate, participate, or just to have a better understanding about the disease then I’m happy.”


Happy #AwkwardMomentsDay! To celebrate goofy slips and hilariously awkward collisions with obstacles like Big Balls, check out this blooper reel.