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WINNERS for #WeekofMud

CONGRATS to all of the winners below, and THANK YOU to everyone who played along this week! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest mucktackular news.

If your name is listed below, please email your full name, mailing address, t-shirt size, and which day you won to info@muckfestms.com. 

Monday, Rubber Duckies

  1. Shannon W. (Tagged friends: Steve & Christina)
  2. Rachael M. (Tagged friend: Elena)
  3. Marian W.M. (Tagged friend: Shari)

Tuesday, MuckFest MS Baseball Cap

  1. Boston: Suzanne L.
  2. Philadelphia: Dave G.
  3. New Jersey: Jamie C.
  4. Detroit: Carrie S.
  5. Chicago: Stephanie M.
  6. Dallas: Tami K.

 Wednesday, MuckFest MS Hoodie

  1. Sheila T., Dirty Dudes and Divas
  2. Brittany S., Bad Mother Muckers
  3. Heather O., Mucking Off
  4. Jacenta M., Grandma’s Angels
  5. Patsy S.P., Root Down

Thursday, Puck the Muck Duck T-shirt

  1. Katelyn G., Philadelphia
  2. Kerri H., Boston
  3. Jeffrey C., New Jersery
  4. Stephanie R., New Jersey
  5. Hali M., Pennsylvania

Friday, Free Registration (2 winners)

  1. Audrey S. and her mom, Robyn


We’re thrilled to kick-off our #WeekofMud giveaway today!

Each day this week, Muckers will have the chance to win FUN prizes, ranging from merchandise to free registrations. Just follow the instructions on our Facebook posts and YOU could be a lucky winner!

Game on, Muckers!


When it comes to mud runs, don’t settle for railroad ties and a bunch of tires. Look for mud runs with big, awesome obstacles like the ones below. They’ll test your athleticism and your sense of humor.


  1. Just sit yo’self down and slide, my slippery friend. You’ll achieve maximum velocity as you go feet-first into the drink, making a splashy entrance.
  1. What goes up must come down. There are no recess monitors out on the course telling you not to jump off the swings. Jump and make a show of it.
Swing Set

Obstacle: Swing Set, MuckFest MS

  1. Everyone loves a zip line. This one zips you on a slight incline and stops short, launching you forward into a graceful or not-so-graceful water entry.
  1. They’re big. There are 9 of them. And they’re swinging from a crane and may bump you into the mud. You’ve been warned.
Big Balls

Obstacle: Big Balls, MuckFest MS

  1. Before you jump, remind everyone, “Yeah, I do my own stunts!”
Crash Landing

Obstacle: Crash Landing, MuckFest MS

Take a spin through the MuckFest® MS course and see all the big and bodacious obstacles.


MuckFest MS is the FUN mud run with the best obstacles. Fired-up and fun-loving teams of friends, family and co-workers run on a well-designed 5K course, featuring super-sized obstacles and mud from start to finish. No special training or equipment is required. This event is built for laughs, but we’re also on a serious mission toward a world free of multiple sclerosis (MS). 100% of fundraising dollars go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

After getting dirty on the course, participants shower off and meet up with guests to celebrate in the MuckFestival area. It’s a party with beer, soda, food, games, and a mucky toast or two. There’s even a muddy, pint-sized play lot called Lil’ Muckers that’s just for kids.

OK, so maybe these aren’t commandments, more like firm guidelines. But whatever you call them, they will help you have a righteous good time at your next mud run. Are you preparing for your first mud run? Even better!


  1. Remember the Mud Run Day & keep it dirty. The dirtier the better is our motto.
  2. Thou shalt not steal thy neighbor’s thunder. Let your fellow mud runner do his or her thang and sit tight, you’ll get your turn.
  3. Honor thy mucker. As you slip and slide through the course, stop and pay homage to your teammate and fellow mucker. A salute will do, but a well-placed mud splat is most honorable.
  4. Thou shalt not covet your neighbor’s oversized banana costume. Sure, we all want one, but we can’t all have one, so be cool and be happy with your leopard print loincloth.
  5. You shall practice your beer hoisting ahead of time. The most neglected part of mud run prep in our not-so-humble opinion.

If you seek more guidance on how to be the best mud runner you can be, check out MuckFestMS.com and find the answers you’ve been looking for, my mud-curious friend.


MuckFest® MS is the FUN mud run with the best obstacles. Fired-up and fun-loving teams of friends, family and coworkers run on a well-designed 5K course, featuring super-sized obstacles and mud from start to finish. No special training or equipment is required. This event is built for laughs, but we’re also on a serious mission toward a world free of multiple sclerosis (MS). 100% of fundraising dollars go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

After getting dirty on the course, participants shower off and meet up with guests to celebrate in the MuckFestival area. It’s a party with beer, soda, food, games, and a mucky toast or two. There’s even a muddy, pint-sized play lot called Lil’ Muckers that’s just for kids.

Not sure what to wear?



Register for MuckFest MS by 12/31 and receive a FREE MuckFest MS drawstring backpack! Here are four useful (and fun) ways you could use your backpack:

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Guest Post Written by Marie Moriarty-Puggi, a Philadelphia Mucker

How do you conquer all of those crazy, mucky obstacles while living with MS? It’s easy!

Ok, “easy” might be a bit of an exaggeration. However, it CAN be done, and I can prove it to you.

To start off, feel free to train, but truth be told I hate walking and I don’t train for this event. I was diagnosed with MS on February 6, 2010. It was a nightmare that was hard for me to come to terms with for close to two years. The first MS event I completed (yep, I didn’t train for this one either) was the MS Cape Cod 50-mile challenge. Let me tell you… I was no lightweight back in 2011, weighing in over 200 pounds. I cleared 45 miles and then blew my left ankle and calf out in the last haul, but still completed this insanity of a walk.

Since I hate walking (I believe I mentioned this), the following year, I started up my team for MuckFest MS—the Mucker Puckers. I did this event with my partner, sister, brother-in-law, and my cousin. I walked it and skipped maybe five obstacles. I thought I was going to die and then I said (first secretively in my head), “I have MS but there is no way in hell I’m dying in the mud! I might have MS, but MS does not have ME!”

If you’d like to conquer this hysterical obstacle course, here are my words of encouragement and advice: ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! I am heading into my 6th year of doing MuckFest MS and am now almost 40 pounds lighter.  Here are some pointers for a fun and successful day:

  1. Get a good pair of sneakers and be prepared to get dirty, real dirty.
  2. Pace yourself, because with MS it can get tiring quickly if you don’t conserve your energy. I save my energy for the obstacles I enjoy and the ones that I struggle with I skip; no shame in that game.
  3. Laugh at yourself, but even more, with your teammates. You will have a different sense of energy. It’s like floating on a cloud and it’s the few hours a year that I don’t feel like I have MS physically and emotionally. Humor will get you far on the day of the mud run.
  4. Stay hydrated, especially if you’re in a later wave when it’s warm out.
  5. Take your time. That golden bell will be waiting at the finish line for you to ring as many times as you want, because you earned as many rings as you want.

You will be exhausted at the end, but it’s so worth it when you’re told: YOU ARE A ROCK STAR! YOU DID IT! BE PROUD OF THIS ACCOMPLISHMENT!

MS can be paralyzing for many in different ways, but know that the recuperating you may need after MuckFest MS is worth it because—YOU DID IT! You’ve revealed your true secret to your family and friends: that you are a real-life-superhero.


Jess’ Philly Muck Story

MuckFest® MS is more than playing on mud run obstacles.

MuckFest MS is more than running three miles.

MuckFest MS is a muddy movement to rid the world of MS. Thank you, Jess, for sharing a piece of your story!

Muscles aren’t required at MuckFest MS, but they are given plenty of moments to shine and show off out on the course. Testing your endurance in the muck is a fun way to challenge yourself and your friends, and these three obstacles give you opportunity to put your toned tendons out on display.

Flying Muckers
Hold on, your muscles are about to FLY into stardom.

AbbVie Spinner
Flex that physique!

Tight Rope
This is where things get interesting.

There you have it! Do you have muscles that you want to show off in 2018? Be sure to say, “Cheese, Mucker!” to the camera while on these obstacles and you’ll be good to go.


We hear these questions all the time: Is this course too hard for me? What if I can’t do an obstacle? What if I can’t run or I need to take a break?

Well Muckers, do we have some answers for YOU! Here are four reasons why you CAN, indeed, muck against MS in 2018:

Slide1There isn’t at timer, you aren’t being rushed, and you don’t need to run! If you’d like to track your time, that’s 100% okay, it’s just not required.

Slide2Can’t do an obstacle? Don’t fret! There aren’t any burpees or other forms of punishment on the FUN mud run. Just cheer on your group and move along to the next obstacle.

Slide3If you’re mucking with MS, you can rock a special teal bandana. MuckFest MS participants who are living with MS can wear the teal I MUCK IT WITH MS bandanas during the event. This is great opportunity to share YOUR story with other people living with MS.

Slide4MuckFest MS has raised more than $28 MILLION to support the life-changing work of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. We’re Muckers on a Mission!

Don’t let the mud intimidate you! Remember when you were a kid and liked putting frosting all over your face? Well tap into that energy as your adult-self and let’s get mucky in 2018!

The Diagnosis

Guest post written by New Jersey Mucker, Lyndsay W.

It was my senior year in high school that my life was changed by an unpredictable diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I was experiencing numbness in my legs, a tingling sensation in my feet; all while feeling completely uncomfortable and worried about what was going on within my body. I kept hoping that these symptoms would pass, but unfortunately, they continued to worsen and it was time to face the doctors.

With emotions running wild, my mother and I made an appointment with my regular physician as our starting point. I remember walking into his office worried and confused. As we sat down, I began to explain the symptoms I was experiencing. While he was listening, there was this specific look on his face that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, and that is when he threw a curveball at us. “This sounds like it could be Multiple Sclerosis, but we need you to get checked out by a neurologist.” My first thought was, “What in the world is Multiple Sclerosis?” As tears streamed down my mother’s face, I feared the worst but I knew at that point, I needed to stay calm. Sequoia National Park_Hiking2

Your first instinct is to go online and research, and if I could give one piece of advice, don’t do it! I received a recommendation for a neurology group and made an appointment right away. The day of my visit, I was scared and my nerves were ever so present. I was asked to explain my symptoms, how severe they were, and also to indicate any other changes I was experiencing. Based upon my answers, I was urged to go get multiple tests done as soon as possible.

Supporting the CauseScript after script, I was going through blood work, MRI’s, a spinal tap, a vision test, all while monitoring the progression of my symptoms. The process took just under a month and it was on my 18th birthday that I had to face the truth. The morning of March 14, I went for the MRI of my brain. Later in the afternoon, I was preparing to have some friends over when the neurologist called and my mom was nowhere to be found. When I ran downstairs, I found her jotting down notes and I knew that the results didn’t look promising. It was 10 days later on March 24, 2008 that my neurologist broke the news to me, “You have Multiple Sclerosis.” It was time to adjust my lifestyle and go into this new chapter in life with positive energy and a determined attitude.

I am here now, a healthy 27-year old woman working full time and making the best of Volunteerevery obstacle that comes my way. I have been lucky enough to share my story with many people and have been a role model to those who have had to face a diagnosis at a young age. Like many people diagnosed with MS, you worry about what people may say, how they may treat you, and overall what they think about you. I was there, but then I realized I need to speak up and share my story. The first time I came out publicly about my diagnosis, the love and support that came from it was amazing. I was even able to help an individual who lives in the same town as me and was diagnosed at a young age as well. It was at that very moment that I knew I had to keep sharing my positive energy and raising awareness for a disease that many people don’t know much about.

Love NatureBeing diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis doesn’t mean you have to give up or stop doing what you love. It means you have to keep living life normally and show those around you that nothing can ever stand in your way from succeeding. I am proud to be a part of the National MS Society family and I will continue to challenge myself by participating in Walk MS, MuckFest MS, Climb to the Top MS, and all other fundraising events. I walk, run, climb, and put my best foot forward for myself, my fellow MS friends, and all other individuals who want to make MS a thing of the past. There is nothing more rewarding than looking back at the end of the day and seeing the difference I’ve been able to make in the Society and those who confide in me for my positivity and motivation to make MS a thing of the past.