Meg’s Story

We’re proud to share a message from our National MuckFestival sponsor, the Traveler Beer Company.

For the past several years, the Traveler Beer Company has been a proud sponsor of the National MS Society and the MuckFest® MS mud runs. As we close out the 2017 season, we wanted to shine a light on a story from one of our own. Meg Devlin, from our human resources team, knows quite well the struggles of living with multiple sclerosis. Her mother was diagnosed with the disease in 1999. As our final guest blog post, we wanted to share Meg and her mother’s story as a reminder of what we’ve been spending the better part of a year fighting for.

Here’s Meg’s story…

As an employee, I was beyond thrilled to discover that Traveler Beer Company was going to be sponsoring the MuckFest MS mud runs across the country, and was actively recruiting employees nationwide to participate in the events. The fight against multiple sclerosis hits close to home as my mother, Adrienne, was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS when she was only 29 years old. She was a mother of two young kids, working full-time and incredibly active within our community.

Over the years MS has taken its toll on her body. She has recently retired, and is living a slower paced life with my dad amidst the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. Even though her energy levels are at an all-time low, most of her “good hours” are devoted to doing kind things for others, like cooking for those in need, and crocheting or painting beautiful gifts for her loved ones. She is brave, stubborn, perseverant and generous. She is the most amazing woman I know.

When I found out that I could pull together a group of my closest friends under the Traveler Beer Company’s team to Kick the Muck Out of MS, I was all in! In just a few weeks, we raised almost $3K to go toward MuckFest MS Boston. I’m honored to work for a company that supports a cause that means so much to my family. I am so grateful to the MS Society for putting on such an amazing event that is both fun and educational about multiple sclerosis. It truly captures the incredible spirit of the fight against this disease. I was moved by everyone I interacted with on the course (spectators and runners alike). It was great enjoying a Shandy with my fellow Muckers and hearing from other runners about their motivations for being a part of the event. I look forward to following the MuckFest MS team as they celebrate the strength of those who live with MS and raise awareness for this disease.

To all of the 2017 Muckers, it was a pleasure getting down and dirty with you this season. We look forward to sharing a Shandy with you in Texas and So Cal. Cheers!

Guest post written by Dallas Muckers Roxanne C. and “Captain Muck”

Dear Friends and Family,

Why does a grandpa and mild-mannered engineer sign up to run a 5K obstacle course IN THE MUD?

A) They said all it takes is a pair of sneakers and a sense of humor.
B) His wife made him.
C) He leads a double-life as a superhero.
D) There’s beer at the end.
E) All of the above.

Thomas and I signed up for this mucky 5K mud run at Southfork Ranch on October 28th.  Aside from the muddy fun and the chance to ride in an ambulance (we hope not), we wanted to support the cause because we have a family member living with MS.

Whether or not you donate below, you will still be subjected to the following lame photo montage of our quest.  Sorry.  Really sorry. 

Faster than a sprinkle donut.


Able to leap tall buildings in his imagination.


It’s Captain Muck and he is out to END MS.


If the spirit moves you to donate, visit our team’s website The Farce is With Us and click on donate.

You can register and participate with us, come and watch, or just say a prayer for us.

Stay tuned for more adventures of Captain Muck!

Thank you dear friends!

-The Farce is With Us

You love their shandys in the MuckFestival area at MuckFest® MS, so why not enjoy Traveler Beer Company craft brews year-round at your favorite restaurants? Cheers to our National MuckFestival Sponsor!

Click below on your home city to find restaurants near you that serve our favorite shandys. Cheers!


Check out this sneak peek at MuckFest MS Austin photos!

You’re already breaking social norms by playing in the mud across the span of a 5K, so why not REALLY push the envelope with… drum roll… COSTUMES.

Just when we think we’ve seen them all, we leave each event surprised and giggling as we reflect on the craziness brought out through the muck. Here are seven of the funniest costumes we’ve seen at MuckFest MS 2017:

  1. A dinosaur… we have no words.


    MuckFest MS Twin Cities 2017

  2. Waldo… where?


    MuckFest MS Detroit 2017

  3. Snails… slow and steady.


    MuckFest MS Denver 2017

  4. Floofy Skirts… point those toes!

    Poofy Skirts

    MuckFest MS New Jersey 2017

  5. Star Wars… may the muck be with you.

    Star Wars

    MuckFest MS Philadelphia 2017

  6. Spiderman… and Yoda?


    MuckFest MS Boston 2017

  7. Banana… watch it ripen throughout the course!


    MuckFest MS Charlotte 2017

This list really could be endless with how creative muckers are with their costumes, and we can’t get enough of it! Never forget to tag us in your pictures… we love seeing the FUN!

Madelyn Mucks Through the Mud


The MuckFest MS blog is for YOU, the participants, so today we’re thrilled to introduce you to Madelyn from Philadelphia. Here’s her Mucking story, with pictures at the bottom of the page:

“I was diagnosed with MS 7 years ago, August 12, 2010…my 10-year wedding anniversary! Early in 2014 my cousin, who lived in Philadelphia, wanted to do something in my honor and he found MuckFest® MS! He began to build a team, then known as “Madelyn’s A Mess With MS.” I was so proud of him for doing a team for me, and then I thought, I am physically able to do this, so I, too, joined the team! It was GREAT! Since then, I have decided that if I am physically able to do it, then I will continue Mucking for myself and for those who are not able to. My most successful fundraising technique has been making cookies in a jar and selling them. I bake up to 10 different varieties of cookies. Each year the team gets bigger and more with people with MS have joined. With that, I renamed the team “Madd’s MisFits.” This past MuckFest MS I had almost 50 members on my team. The first year we participated, we had a modest team of 11!”

GO MADD! We really mean it when we say that we are MORE than just a mud run. MuckFest MS is about playing in the mud and raising funds for the National MS Society, yes, but we’re also an event where people build community and share stories and experiences with one another. The spirit and energy and LOVE in the mud is out of this world. We’re so happy to have Muckers like Madelyn, and we’re so thankful that she shared her story with all of us and all of you!

Guest post written by The Traveler Beer Company, the National MuckFestival Sponsor of MuckFest® MS

It’s hard to believe that the last MuckFest MS of 2017 is just 2 months away in So Cal on November 11. In honor of our finale, Traveler Beer Co. and MuckFest MS are challenging Muckers to show off their best #MuckStache. As the entries roll in, we picked our favorites so far. But don’t fret, you have until September 30th to get yours in! It can be the real thing, a little muck mud, or a Traveler foam Fu Manchu. Until then, sit back, grab a new Traveler Jack-O can and enjoy the ones we have so far:


Nice submission, Becca B! Brian’s lion looks just as fierce as his horseshoe.


We are definitely not muckin’ with you, Becky M! Although it looks like there’s a getaway bike if we need it.


The best kind of Mucker is a muddy, mustached Mucker. Nice work, @brandi1121bh!


The best Muck duck face is one served with a side of moustache! Nice blue steel, @jodibean328.


Wow, those handlebars are beary impressive, Paul.


A little Traveler tickling your ‘stache is always a solid way to finish off MuckFest MS. Cheers, @callmestina22!



Will we see you at the Bay AreaAustinDallas or So Cal MuckFest MS? Hit us with your best ‘stache shot and you could win! Whether we see you there or not, you have until the end of the month to submit your favorite pics! You can also vote on your fav lip mouth brow here. The winner gets roundtrip airfare to MuckFest MS So Cal, 500 bucks and hotel accommodations. Not too shabby! Good luck and we hope to see you there.


No purchase necessary. Contest open to all US citizens who are 21 years of age or older. One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive a trip for winner and guest to MuckFest in Los Angeles, CA on November 11, 2017, including airfare, 3 days, 2 nights hotel accommodations and $500 spending money with a total approximate value of $2,210.  Contest submission period begins at 12:01 a.m. EST on 5/1/2017 and ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on 9/30/2017. The Traveler Beer Company and the National MS Society will choose the first place winner on or around October 1, 2017 based on the following criteria: Creativity, portrayal of fun and alignment with the Traveler and MS Society brands. To enter share your best mustache or muckstache photo with the hashtag #MuckStache and #Contest on your public Instagram account or visit and you will be brought to a separate page to enter your name, address, email address, telephone number, date of birth and picture. View official rules. Void where prohibited.

PICTURES: MuckFest MS Chicago ’17

MuckFest MS Chicago is just a couple of days away and we are SO EXCITED to see all of you! Below is a list of Mucker-recommended local restaurants. We hope this list helps with planning your day!

  • Somethings Brewing Grayslake Illinois, 7-minute drive
    82 Center St, Grayslake, IL 60030

    • French toast, omelets, and bagels, OH MY! This gourmet coffee shop will be the perfect alarm clock before it’s time to play in the mud!
  • Emil’s Tavern on Center, 7-minute drive
    161 Center St, Grayslake, IL 60030

    • Famous pizza, broasted chicken, bar food, and burgers, this tavern has all the carbs that you’ll need to recharge after mucking.
  • Hillside Family Restaurant, 6-minute drive
    804 Barron Blvd, Grayslake, IL 60030

    • From breakfast through dessert, this family restaurant will appease any cravings that the muck brings to the surface.
  • The Vine Martini & Wine Bar, 7-minute drive
    101 Center St, Grayslake, IL 60030

    • On top of an expansive drink menu, this restaurant has a wide array of gorgeously plated appetizers, sides, entrees, and desserts.

There you have it! Know of any hotspots that other Muckers might enjoy before or after the muck? Write them in the comments below!