2018 Events

MuckFest® MS 2018 Schedule

MuckFest MS BostonMay 19

MuckFest MS Philadelphia – June 9-10

MuckFest MS New JerseyJuly 21

MuckFest MS Detroit August 4

MuckFest MS Chicago – August 25

MuckFest MS DenverSeptember 15

MuckFest MS Dallas September 29



29 Comments on “2018 Events

  1. how would you go about getting a event in the state of New Mexico

    • We’re proud to have your support! Our schedule is set for 2016, but we hope you’ll consider making an epic road trip to one of our sites. For more details on how to remain involved with MuckFest MS, please contact us here: http://muck.ly/Contact

  2. Hello, last year in New Jersey in June 2015 I attended my first muckfest with a group of friends. We had a blast and planned on attending again. This year, the date has been moved two weeks later to the end of June in NJ. Unfortunately, this weekend is the weekend of most NJ High School graduations as well as younger children leaving for 7 weeks of sleep away summer camp. Both HUGH events in this NJ area have caused many to NOT be able to attend the MuckFest event in NJ 2016. PLEASE reconsider the dates for 2017. Your turnout will be lower this year due to this very busy family weekend. Sleep away summer camp is a BIG deal in the NJ/NY/Long Island area and with most NJ schools starting after Labor Day, the school calendar extends to the end of June for most towns in NJ. We all love the MuckFest in West Orange NJ and want it to continue to come to our area, but NOT the third weekend in June!!!! I want to attend again in June 2017 at a different weekend. Please consider this event to our area for a different week in June for 2017. Thanks
    Jennifer Quirk

    • Jennifer: Thanks so very much for your note. We’ll share this with our team – we’re incredibly proud to have your support and passion, and we thank you for your time in writing this suggestion to us.

    • Our event season is set in stone for 2016, but we will share your suggestion with our team! There’s also plenty of time to plan an epic road trip this year to on of our 11 events! Hope you’ll join us in ending MS forever.

  3. Please come back to Jacksonville, FL!! My company wants to do get a team together 😊

  4. Three years ago you were in pittsburgh! It was a great event! Really wish you would come back!

    • Hi Kerri,
      You can find us in Glen Mills, PA next weekend! We are so glad to hear you had such a good time and we hope you’ll join us again in our FUN fight to stomp MS in the mud!

  5. Is there a certain age you need to be? My 11 year old is fully capable and Wants to do it because his mother has MS.

  6. When do you pick what cities you’ll be going to for 2017? And when will we be able to register?

  7. Don’t let not having an event in your city stop you from getting involved, having fun and making a difference. (donate/fund raise)My Husband and I drove 5hrs to get to Muckfest Detroit 16. We had the time of our lives, bonding, and having an adventure. We immediately declared we were doing it every year, and planning to stay all day. PS bring whole family/with the babysitter. it was a picnic/festival feel and tons of stuff for spectators of any age to enjoy.

    • Thank you so much for all of your dedication and support. We were so happy to have you at MuckFest MS Detroit! We would love to hear more about your experience and feature you in a blog post!

  8. Dear Muckfest Organizers,
    What a tremendous crew of volunteers you had at the Twin Cities Muckfest on the 20th. You were all so wonderful and kind, it was almost overwhelming. Thank you for making it such a wonderful event to be a part of. My godchild Brett and our team may have been the last through the finish line but you never pressured us and allowed us a wonderful memory. I’m grateful for your organization and I look forward to the Twin Cities Muckfest 2017.
    In hindsight I wish I had picked up all those discarded mucky shirts laying all over the grass. I live in Louisiana and could have washed and donated them.
    God bless and keep up the hard work.
    Love, that old lady with red hair that kept everyone waiting 😉

    • Cathleen, thank you so much for your kind words. We are incredibly grateful that our participants leave our event feeling wonderful. We can’t wait to have you with us again next year!

  9. St. Louis wants Muckfest back badly! We traveled to Chicago this year and had a blast. The team was much smaller than possible because of travel and housing. Unfortunately, donations were smaller too.

    • We are so thankful to have your support, Steve! Your dedication and passion for MuckFest MS showed when you joined us in Chicago. We will share your suggestion with our team and please know our number one goal is to end MS forever and we couldn’t do it without you and your team!

  10. When will the 2017 schedule be available? I have a few people asking about how to make donations already.

    • Jenn, the 2017 schedule will be released in a month or so. Please note that anyone can still make a donation via our website!

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