Mucker Spotlight: Making A Difference From Afar

Mucker Spotlight: Making A Difference From Afar

May 10, 2020 0 By muckfestms

During this time of uncertainty, muckers from all over the country are stepping up for their communities and making a difference.

Mucker and Pre-K teacher, Nicole Quigley, is taking this different way of life as an excuse to let her imagination run wild, both to benefit her students and those around her.

When “Stay at Home” orders started to take effect throughout the country, Nicole gathered up as many materials from her classroom in Philadelphia as she could and started teaching from home.

Nicole created art for her students and passersby on her sidewalk.

“My house has been officially turned into a science lab, playground, gymnasium, computer room, circle space, and much, much more,” Nicole said. “I have tried to adapt and make it as easy a transition as I can for the children by recording daily lessons and sending daily emails and videos.”

It’s important to keep her students engaged during this time, so Nicole gets creative with assignments.

Along with science experiments, she also created scavenger hunts, sent mail to her students and built an online convenient store for them to “purchase from” and learn currency. She has even sent them what they “bought” from the store.

“I’ve provided them with as many resources as I can, whether it be from documents, videos, even codes for free online educational programs,” Nicole said. “And I have also created profiles for them to continue learning on additional websites.”

Not only is Nicole going above and beyond for her students, but she’s making sure local workers and her loved ones feel special as well.

Family members weren’t able to leave their homes, so Nicole delivered some much-needed supplies.

“I have made care packages for my trash man and mailman and delivered snacks to the PECO Workers,” Nicole said. “They are all out there every day helping us, so it’s always right to say thank you.”

Because Nicole’s family are huge Phillies baseball fans and would normally be attending games during this season, she threw together a homerun Phillies birthday party for her dad, complete with a baseball-decorated cake. 

This year has not turned out as many people have planned, but Nicole said, “Being a teacher, you learn to be flexible.”

“It’s not going to be easy and our hearts are breaking, but keep your chin up, a smile on your face and know that no matter what you do, the children will always love you.”

After her mom was diagnosed with MS, Nicole made it her mission to fight the disease.

Nicole started participating in MuckFest and Walk MS to support her mom who has been her main encourager her entire life.

“When my mom was diagnosed 17 years ago with MS, I felt as though there was nothing I could do to fix it,” Nicole said. “My mom is my magic ‘fixer,’ and I wanted to help her with something I felt as though I had no control over. I started participating, fundraising and donating, and then started a team to help my mom and my family become more knowledgeable and cope with this disease.”

Rather than be bombarded with tons of information and technical terms online, Nicole said events like MuckFest are a way to spread awareness and hope while having fun.

It’s also nice to be able to connect with others who may be in the same situation that you are currently in,” Nicole said.