Mucky Things to Do with Your Extra 24 Hours on Leap Day

Mucky Things to Do with Your Extra 24 Hours on Leap Day

February 27, 2020 0 By muckfestms

How often do you wish for just a few more hours in any given day? We all could use some extra time to get work done, or sleep a little longer, or tackle a project we’ve been putting off. Well, this weekend, you get that extra time! In fact, you get an entire extra DAY!

2020 is a Leap Year, meaning that today is a whole extra day in our year. February 29 only comes around every four years, so let’s make the most of this time. There’s so much fun you can have in 24 hours!  Here are just a few of our ideas…

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  • Do some good: Volunteer for your favorite cause! We of course recommend donating time or money or support to the National MS Society, to help make a difference in the lives of those living with MS.  We’ve been given an extra day in our year. Let’s use it to help others.
  • Get outside: Yes, we know it’s still technically winter, so you might not be able to get outside for long. But just breathing some fresh air will do your mind, body, and soul some good! Take in all the beauty of this time and appreciate it.
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  • Take a leap: It can be a physical leap, sure, but it can also be an emotional or professional leap. It can be a leap of faith or a leap towards love. Whatever the risk might be… go for it! Now is the time to be bold! Need a little bit of inspiration? We recommend taking a leap and signing up for MuckFest. We promise it will be a leap worth taking. 😊
  • Take a walk down memory lane: Get together with your MuckFest teammates, or with your family who cheered for you as you crossed the muddy finish line. Look through photos, relive memories of your favorite obstacles, and get excited for 2020!
  • Make a mud mask: They are quite relaxing!
  • Or a mud pie: They *might* be delicious, but we don’t recommend eating them. They’re just fun to make!
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  • Spend some time stretching: Stretching is such a key part of staying safe and limber, so use some of this extra time to get in a good stretch. You can look up stretching or yoga videos online to get some guidance. It will help you relax, get moving and help you when it comes time for MuckFest 2020.
  • Take a bubble bath…with as many rubber duckies as possible! Who could say “No” to that?!

How are you taking advantage of Leap Day? Tell us in the comments to share your ideas! Let’s make the most of today, together. 😊