Our Top Blogs of 2019…and Why You Should Read Them ASAP!

Our Top Blogs of 2019…and Why You Should Read Them ASAP!

January 16, 2020 0 By muckfestms

With the start of the New Year, lots of people are looking for a fresh start and new inspiration. Whether you’ve set a specific resolution or just have some dreams for all that 2020 can be, we want to help inspire and motivate you to make this your best year yet! We compiled our most popular MuckFest® blog posts that you read in the last year to help you make those first big steps, because every muddy journey begins with a single step…into a mud puddle! 😉

The Coolest Things You Might Not Know You Get at MuckFest

Sure, you get a muddy fun time when you come to MuckFest, but that’s not all! In this post we broke down everything from parking to merch to show you the full benefits of a MuckFest weekend.

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Things I Wish I Knew Before My First MuckFest

MuckFest is an experience like no other…so sometimes it can be tough to know how to prepare! This article gives you all the tips and tricks from expert Muckers who know all the ways to get muddy like a true pro.

Boston, Meet First-Time Mucker, Ava

Ava was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis before her 15th birthday, but she has not let that slow her down. She was a first-time Mucker in 2019, bringing her family and friends into the mud with her. If you want to learn more about life with MS and how MuckFest is making a difference, this post is the perfect place to start.

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No Small Feat: Cheri Devlin Will Run EVERY 2019 MuckFest

Speaking of inspiration… Cheri Devlin participated in all five MuckFest runs this past year! She ran in honor of her father and if you search “Cheri Devlin” on the blog, you can read about her experiences in every single city. Go Cheri go!

The Perfect Playlist to Get You Ready for the MUD!

If you’ve already started preparing or plan on training up for MuckFest this year, we compiled a playlist that will have you moving and grooving in no time! Don’t worry if you don’t see that some of your favorite pump-up songs have been left off the list…comment at the bottom of the post to share your personal picks.

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How to Prepare for MuckFest When You’re Stuck Inside

 Winter can be hard. For example, it’s much harder to get outside and jump in muddy puddles when its chilly with limited daylight. This blog post is perfect for the winter season, getting you pumped and ready for the spring and summer fun!

And, of course, our Photos page is always a great spot to relive the amazing muddy memories of past MuckFest events.

Do you have other posts that were especially helpful? Any stories that left you seriously inspired? Paste the links to those blogs in the comments to share!