There’s SO Much to Love About MuckFest

There’s SO Much to Love About MuckFest

December 23, 2019 0 By muckfestms

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MuckFest is the best mud run in town!

Even if our poetry skills might leave something to be desired, our love for MuckFest is very real. This muddy weekend run brings smiles to so many faces, raises funds toward a world without MS, and gives those Mucking with MS a chance to feel a sense of true community. The list of what we love about MuckFest is almost endless, so we let a few Muckers give us some help! As part of our celebration of the 12 Days of Muck-mas this holiday season, we asked you all what you love most about MuckFest. Your responses filled our hearts with joy.

Meg L.

Three things I love about MuckFest are spending time mucking with my family all day, taking on Flying Muckers (!!), as well as raising awareness about MS and raising funds for research at the same time!

Andi H.

My favorite thing is the camaraderie. The obstacles are also super fun and I love playing in the mud!! Can’t wait for next year!

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Phil C.

I have loved MuckFest since I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis back in 2016. Erin Doyle got me involved with the organization in 2017. Next year marks 3 years and I have enjoyed it all.

Kelly L.

I love MuckFest because it is an event my entire family rallies behind to support an amazing cause that benefits my sister with MS. We have people from their teens to their sixties on our team, and we all love that we can be together on this day to honor her and the National MS Society as a whole. Bringing MuckFest into my family the past four years is one of my greatest points of pride, and I can’t wait to see what year five has in store for us! Thank you for all of the amazing work your team does to help bring an end to MS!

Emilie R.

What I love most about MuckFest is that we all come together and get mucky to try and end MS, which is definitely a mucky disease.

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Jeneen W.

What do I love about MuckFest? Our family and friends coming together for a fun muddy day in support of my sister who battles MS on a daily basis.

Heather B.

My daughter and I traveled from Florida to Philadelphia to do MuckFest this year. I was amazed and humbled by all the other participants who helped us throughout the course. When I was diagnosed with MS years ago, I had to learn to walk again, so completing this event has to be one of my greatest accomplishments since then. We’re headed back to Philly in 2020!

Jennifer E.

I love that your runs are for all abilities and that anyone can do it! My first event was last year, and perfect strangers were helping me through the course! It was amazing!

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Holly Marie F.

What do I love most about MuckFest? What is NOT to love?! It’s an amazingly well-organized event where I get to get crazy in the mud with some of my favorite running buddies…all for a great cause! Fighting MS, which is a cause near and dear to my heart as my mom and friend suffer daily, is amazing.

Michelle S.

MuckFest is not only about raising awareness and fundraising for a great cause. It brings together my greatest friends and family from near and far. We do it to support my amazing sister who mucks with MS. And we do it for everyone else living with MS, so that we can find a cure!

Nicole A.

What I love most about MuckFest is that no matter what team you are on, you are all one big muddy family! Always helping each other and making each other smile and laugh. 😊

Justin Y.

Family and friends coming together to help and show support against this disease. That’s what MuckFest is all about!

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Brooke B.

What I love about MuckFest is that it’s a way for me to get involved with raising awareness and funds for multiple sclerosis..  Also, to be around all these people that GET it. Get what it’s like for your life to be affected in some way, versus some of my friends who maybe have no idea, and all the people in my life who think they need to pity me because I have a mother with progressive MS. The community and love are so strong.

Kristin F.

The 12 Days of Muck-mas…how fun! The thing I like the most is that MuckFest is a fun way to form a team of people may not have a direct connection to someone with MS, but now are advocating for a great cause!

What do you love about MuckFest? Tell us in the comments to spread all the muddy joy and happiness this holiday season!