What Makes You a Mucker on a Mission?

What Makes You a Mucker on a Mission?

November 15, 2019 0 By muckfestms

MuckFest is about fun and trying new things. It’s about mud and teamwork and having a good time. But it’s also about making a difference. It’s about supporting the National MS Society and their year-long efforts. It’s about running for a world without MS.

One way to do that is to fundraise! Fundraising isn’t mandatory to participate in MuckFest, but every dollar you raise will make a huge difference, and we are so thankful for that. One simple way to fundraise is to register as a Mucker on a Mission!

By registering as a Mucker on a Mission, you agree to fundraise at least $250 for the National MS Society in exchange for free registration for MuckFest. This program allows runners to make a difference and gives new meaning to their participation in MuckFest. Join as a Mucker on a Mission for 2020!

If you’re not sure that fundraising will be for you, let these Muckers inspire you! These amazing people all fundraise for MuckFest, and they are each on a mission for their own personal reasons. They show how much your fundraising dollars can mean and will leave you feeling inspired and raring to go for 2020…

Rosemarie D. C.

I fundraise for MuckFest because it is a way to show others that they can support me while I am having a wild, crazy time…DESPITE the fact I have MS!

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Julie H.

My mom was diagnosed 20 years ago, and I have been fundraising for a cure ever since!

Michele F. D.

Since I was a child, I raised money for the National MS Society. My aunt lived with this disease, and she has gone from a cane to a walker then a wheelchair. Yet she was always pleasant.

I myself was then diagnosed in 2001. I pledged to be a role model and be even half as positive as my aunt was. Sadly, we lost my aunt in the spring. I still participate in her honor. However, my friends and family now do MuckFest in my name. With me as their leader, I feel I am as strong and happy as my aunt always was throughout her 46 years of living with MS. I plan to continue being strong and positive, while I kick MS in the butt!

Matt S.

Because others living with MS can’t…and I need to help advance MS research and find a cure for myself and my family.

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Nicole M.

I fundraise to raise awareness for this disease and in support of my hero, my mom.

Olivia C.

I fundraise for MuckFest for my Aunt Chris, who has lived with MS for over 20 years. She is one of the strongest people I have ever known and fights this disease every day, suffering through pain I could never imagine. she has never let MS take away her spirit, and is there with us — without fail, every MuckFest, cheering our team on at the start and finish lines every year.

Every year I run, I am given a brief glimpse of just some of the trouble she goes through every day, and that is why I fundraise. I fundraise so that one day, we will live in a world free of MS. A world in which one day MuckFest will be a celebration of victory. I fundraise for a cure, so people will never go through what my aunt has. I fundraise so that one day, my aunt can wake up and have a normal, pain-free day.

And if this means that I am fundraising every year, for the rest of my life, I can guarantee you’ll see my muddy face crossing Philly’s finish line each June.

Christina S.

I raise money to help find a cure for MS, so that one day I can say that I USED to have MS.

Mike R.

Five days after my 40th birthday I was diagnosed with MS.  As someone who’s been active in sports my whole life, MuckFest offered me the opportunity to prove to myself I could continue an active lifestyle. My family, friends and community have offered continued support far beyond my expectations!

 Are you a Mucker on a Mission? What drives you to fundraise? Share your motivation in the comments so we can continue to make an impact for the National MS Society, and fight towards a world without MS.