Top MuckFest 2019 Memories

Top MuckFest 2019 Memories

November 12, 2019 0 By muckfestms

We have just announced our 2020 MuckFest dates and locations, and we are already counting down the days until we can jump into the mud with all of you again! While we wait, we are going to keep re-living 2019 highlights through photos and memories. Over the last few weeks, we asked our Muckers for their favorite memories from 2019 on Facebook and Instagram…and now here they are! These memories are just a few of the many that we have made, and will continue to make, down in the mud. It’s only the beginning…

Holly Marie F.

My favorite memory of MuckFest 2019 was the laughs our team shared together in the new obstacle, Muck n’ Roll! It was a tough obstacle, but so much fun! And what a humble reminder of the daily struggles those suffering from MS face every day!

Georgianna M. N.

I think our favorite memory is everything. It means so much to support MS research. And the fun we have getting down and dirty. It was very sticky mud this year. In fact, I think I still have it stuck on me. Thank you for bringing all this fun to Team No MSing around. Can’t wait till next year!

Bianca L.

This year has been a tough one on me and my family. Seeing a lot of them join me at this year’s MuckFest was amazing! The amount of love and support was just out of this world!

My favorite memory was at the finish line. After you get just one last touch of mud, you get to ring the bell! When I got to it, I tried my hardest not to cry. Ringing that bell at the end meant so much more than just finishing a 5K. It meant I can really do this!! Fight hard! Overcome the little things that are now hard to do. Fight with family surrounding me! THAT moment, at the bell, was my favorite memory.

Rae G. S.

This was the most fun race ever! Coming back again with an earlier start, a bigger team, and some fund raising. We loved the Parker location.

Lisa G.

Ok, I admit it…I came for the mud! I knew almost nothing about MS,. I definitely enjoyed the muddy fun in the Chicago area. I enjoyed getting to learn more about MS from a couple of guys behind the donation table. I’m still learning more at home, too.

Julie H.

Getting dirty with my kids, who want to find a cure for our mom/grandma as much as I do! #needtofindacure

Andi H.

This was my first-time doing MuckFest and it was my husband’s first race ever. He hates getting dirty usually, but all the obstacles were so much fun that he ended the race with a body full of mud and a huge smile on his face! We will both be doing it again next year!!

Jennifer E.

It was my first time doing MuckFest. My team had a blast together in Boston, and I can’t wait until next year. There are so many memories that I can’t pick just one!

Christina S.

My favorite thing was watching my mom complete The Spinner…she usually never does it but decided to give it a go this year. I also love all the support I get from my family to help find a cure for me and everyone else dealing with MS.

Kelly S.

My husband and I have done this for 6 years now in Philly. We love it!

We’re going to highlight more and more incredible memories and stories from our Muckers throughout the next few months. If you want to be a part of these stories, comment below or message us on Facebook. We’d love to share your story and keep the mucky love going!