MuckFest Through the Eyes of the National MS Society Local MuckFest Leads

MuckFest Through the Eyes of the National MS Society Local MuckFest Leads

November 5, 2019 0 By muckfestms

We love all the fun and excitement of MuckFest. We love seeing our Muckers swinging through the air and conquering all our amazing obstacles. The smiles and laughs and excitement are all such an important part of our muddy experience.

But we also love all the good that MuckFest does in the multiple sclerosis community. We are honored that 100% of MuckFest fundraising dollars goes to the National MS Society to make a difference in the lives of millions. Collectively, MuckFest and other National MS Society fundraising efforts have helped accelerate research breakthroughs that change lives and will ultimately end MS forever. This work is done all year, long after we leave the mud. And the work is making a difference every day.

Did you know, for example, that there are more potential MS therapies in development today than at any other time in history? MS is being more quickly diagnosed, which enables earlier and sustained therapy to slow disease activity, and to improve people’s quality of life.


Today, we’re excited to highlight our local MuckFest leads from the National MS Society. This team works tirelessly all year to not only make MuckFest possible but help put your fundraising dollars to work in the most impactful ways possible.

As we gear up for our 2020 MuckFest events, we spoke with the crew about what they love most about MuckFest. They have a unique perspective on everything that make the Muck so wonderful! Let’s hear it straight from them…


Cory Zarrella from MuckFest New Jersey

“MuckFest is a great and fun event for everyone of all ability levels. You can run, walk, skip, or saunter through the course which makes it so much fun! I usually do a little bit of everything.

I do challenge myself with each obstacle (I am afraid of heights), and I let everyone know if they need to go around something they can, and they cheer on everyone as they go through the obstacle. Of course, we laugh about what we all just did on our way to the finish line!”


Shannon Feeney from MuckFest Chicago

“What I love most about MuckFest is working directly with our dedicated team captains, sponsors, and participants. As the Chicago event lead for the past three years, I have had the pleasure of working with some truly amazing individuals who are passionate about our mission of creating a world free of MS.

It is so inspiring to see so many of our participants return year after year ready to take on new challenges, conquer their fears, and knock out MS forever – one muddy obstacle at a time!”

Jennifer Odence from MuckFest Boston

“It’s wonderful that MuckFest is for all abilities — you choose how challenging you want it to be. It’s not timed, it’s not a competition — run, walk, talk the whole time to your teammates. You can skip obstacles with no shame.

The most amazing part of MuckFest is the encouragement from strangers when you go through an obstacle but there’s also cheering if you decide the obstacle isn’t for you. The hardest thing to do is sign up.”

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Beverly Baker from MuckFest Denver

“What I love most about MuckFest is to see and feel the incredible energy and team camaraderie that exudes from all the Muckers as they do their part to help put an end to MS.”

Jenn Revell from MuckFest Philadelphia

“What I love most about MuckFest is the energy. Everywhere you look, people are laughing and enjoying the company of their friends and family. It truly is an event “built for laughs,” and that was the very first thing I noticed at my first MuckFest this past June. We had a pair of long-term participants come out and join us for the media spots starting at FOUR A.M. and they were in such high spirits — it totally set the tone for the rest of the day, which was FUN.”

What do you love most about MuckFest? Tell us in the comments to share your support for our mission and the work that the National MS Society is doing all year long.