Why MuckFest is for EVERYONE

Why MuckFest is for EVERYONE

September 5, 2019 0 By muckfestms

As our MuckFest 2019 season draws to a close, we are looking back on the past and looking ahead to the future. We can’t wait to get muddy in Denver and are so happy to be welcoming so many first-time Muckers to our MuckFest crew. In order to help them prep, and to remind everyone that they’re welcome in the mud, we started thinking about all the things we love about MuckFest.

The number one reason is simple: MuckFest is for everyone!

We love welcoming people of all ages, skill and fitness levels to the mud with us. So, if you haven’t done MuckFest, just know that you’re ready to join us. No need to train if you don’t want to! Just come ready to have fun and support an amazing mission. Want to know what to expect? Here’s why MuckFest is for you, your family and for everyone!

It’s all about working together

You can run MuckFest alone or with a team, but you will never get muddy alone. Whether or not you sign up with a large group, you will make tons of new friends in the mud. We love seeing people help strangers over the Triple Pits or give a hand to crawl out of Slither. Even before or after the race, you can hang with fellow Muckers and learn more about the National MS Society in our MuckFestival area (but more on that later).

MuckFest was created to foster a feeling of family and teamwork. It’s not a competition…it’s about fun! Come ready to work together towards a common goal and have fun in the process.

It’s a run…and a walk!

You don’t have to run the course unless you want to. Plenty of our Muckers choose to walk as a team for part or all of the 5k, and that’s totally fine! MuckFest can be done at your own pace, and all our amazing obstacles are the perfect way to break up your time on the trail. We don’t time you or award “winners” at the finish line, so you don’t have to be a sprinter. Everyone is a winner at MuckFest.

The obstacles are fun first

No fire or electricity or climbing walls are in your future on MuckFest. Just lots of fun on ziplines, giant slides, and big piles of mud. Some of our obstacles will challenge you, but you’re not forced to take on any of them if you don’t want to. We love seeing Muckers conquer their fears by climbing to the top of Mt. Muck-imanjaro or jumping off our Swing Set or even making that perilous run across Shake & Quake. But those challenges are only there for you if you want them. You can always skip an obstacle if you like! No pressure, just fun.

Lil Muckers are welcome too

Though you must be 10 years old to run in MuckFest that doesn’t mean your younger kiddos have to miss out on the mud! We recently lowered the age to participate in MuckFest to 10 years old, opening up the mud to more kids. Plus, we have a special Lil’ Muckers area that includes smaller recreations of some of our favorite obstacles for children aged 5-11 years old. There are also lots of fun games and food in our MuckFestival area. Speaking of which…

We even have a festival!

Food and drinks. Fun and games. Time with your team. What more could you want?! The MuckFestival has it all! It is the perfect way to finish and celebrate your MuckFest experience with all the people around you. You have crawled, climbed, jumped and made it through an amazing day. This should be celebrated…and so should each and every one of you. 😊

What is your favorite part of MuckFest? Tell us in the comments!