Making the MuckFest Trek: Texan Alex Jewett Heads to Denver for MuckFest

Making the MuckFest Trek: Texan Alex Jewett Heads to Denver for MuckFest

August 26, 2019 0 By muckfestms

Alex Jewett and her team of coworkers, family, and friends mucked in Dallas in 2015, 2016, and 2017. This year, they wouldn’t let a little thing like distance stop them from running MuckFest together again. Since there is no longer a MuckFest in their hometown, Alex and her pals will be packing their bags in a few weeks and heading to Denver for a little long-distance Muck. And she knows that every mile traveled will be worth it!

Their team hashtag is #allthewayfrommuckingDallas, and they have been preparing for their Denver adventure all year long. Their team plans to “make this our best year yet!” by hosting a raffle/dart tournament in June and holding a huge garage sale where 100% of the money was donated to the National MS Society.

Alex is participating in a Bike MS event as well as MuckFest and has a deeply personal connection to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s mission. Her MuckFest journey began the year of her own MS diagnosis, and she has worked as an advocate and supporter since that time. She knows that fundraising is a crucial part of MuckFest, and last year her team raised $3,500 at just one team fundraising event. This year, she’s working harder than ever before.

Before she boards her plane to fly off to the mud, we chatted with her about why MuckFest is worth the flight (and so much more):

How did your own diagnosis motivate your involvement in MuckFest?

When I was diagnosed, my company chose the National MS Society as our fundraiser for the year, which is where I learned about the different races! We had a team that participated in a Bike MS event and the company paid for employees to participate in MuckFest. I am so thankful that they found these events and got us involved so early in my diagnosis. Being involved has really helped me with learning more about the disease, treatment options, and wanting to make a difference. I really feel it also played a huge part in softening the blow of being diagnosed to see how many others with MS participate and are active, and it really helped me be less scared.

What are some of your fondest memories of past MuckFests?

Right now, it’s when my team was a top fundraising team, so we got a tent and goodies! Our team hosted a raffle/dart tournament fundraiser that raised $3,500, and we raised over $5,000 total that year. It was such a good time, and this is now something we are doing every year. I know that this year will be my new fondest memory now that some of our team are taking the trip to Denver. It is going to be so fun!

What is your advice for anyone interested in participating for the first time?

Get in the water! My first run I did NOT want to get in the water. I was scared it was going to be cold and that I was going to hit the bottom so I skipped all of the water obstacles until the last one because I really wanted to do the zip line. After I hit the water and realized how good it felt, I wish I had done the other ones!

We’re so excited that you’re making the trek to Denver this year! How did that decision come about?

My team and I were bummed when we found out MuckFest was not going to be in Dallas this year. My phone was blowing up the day the announcement was sent. And all the text messages were: “Okay so what other city are we going to go to?” So, we decided on Denver because it is the easiest flight from Dallas. We have rented a house and have even recruited team members that have never done the run with us before! And it’s a great excuse for a fun friends’ weekend, so it’s hard for friends on the fence to pass up. 😊

Why is it “worth it” to make the trip for MuckFest?

It keeps the whole team motivated to keep raising money for the National MS Society. I feel like we all look at the trip as our reward to ourselves for having another awesome fundraiser event and raising even more money than last year. We are a very competitive group and like to top ourselves from the year before.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

I am looking forward to experiencing the run in another city with different scenery and making new memories. I am so thankful that I have been able to be a part of the MuckFest events. It has been a wonderful way to meet others with the disease, learn more about the research, and to have a great support system with the organization. As I said earlier, I truly believe that becoming an advocate so early after my diagnosis has had a tremendous impact on my outlook, attitude, and acceptance towards the disease.

We are honored and excited to have Muckers like Alex coming to Denver to get muddy with us next month! You can still sign up and join us! Don’t miss out on this muddy cause 😊