Why I Muck: Molly Schoblocher from MuckFest Chicago

Why I Muck: Molly Schoblocher from MuckFest Chicago

August 14, 2019 2 By muckfestms

I am a mighty team of one, but my husband and parents are always there to cheer me on. I don’t mind being a team of one because there’s so much teamwork throughout the course: everyone helps everyone. My team is the Orange Crusaders, or if it’s just me come MuckFest, I will be the “Orange Crusader” all on my own.

Before being diagnosed in the summer of 2008, Molly Schoblocher had spent five days in Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. It was there that she first learned she had MS. Now, a decade later, she lives with and battles MS every day. She also now works for Northwestern Medicine at Lake Forest Hospital as their Emergency Manager and focuses on being a year-round advocate for the MS community. That advocacy includes running MuckFest Chicago!

Molly says, “I want people to know that just because we have MS…we’re not dying, and we’re not broken.”

She celebrated her 10-year diagnosis anniversary last year by running a half-marathon in Las Vegas and continues her dedication to MuckFest again this weekend in Chicago. She knows it will feel “exhilarating, satisfying, emotional” to cross the finish line once again.

Molly is certainly a Crusader, and she’s sharing a bit more with us about why she mucks…

What is your favorite part about Mucking solo?

I think running as a team of one is great, because I meet a lot of different people along the way. If I need a hand up and over, I just reach out and someone is there. It’s a great team event, but individuals should never hesitate to participate if they don’t have a team. Just join one along the way! No one mucks alone.

What are some of your best MuckFest memories?

I love seeing what Al does at the start line. You never know what he’s going to do! I’ve learned that you never want to be the cleanest person when your wave is starting. Just get in there, get dirty and have fun with it! You WILL get mucky!

I also love The Spinner, because you need hand strength (not a lot, don’t worry) and when I was initially diagnosed, I had lost all function in my right hand. To be able to hold on now is a priceless gift.

How has your own diagnosis affected how you view events like MuckFest?

When I was originally diagnosed, I had lost all function on my right side. I had vision problems, hearing problems and speech problems. But I got it all back. To have something like that taken away and then returned is an incredible gift, and I never forget for a single day that I am incredibly lucky and until we find a cure, I can lose it all again tomorrow.

I never take crossing the finish line for granted and as long as I can participate I will, because there are still many that won’t have this opportunity.

If you want to join Molly and our other Chicago Muckers in the mud this weekend, don’t worry! You can sign up online until midnight tonight (Weds. 8/14) and then register onsite on Saturday morning. Check out all the event details here and get ready for a muddy great time. 😊