2019 Muckers: Why Do You Muck?

2019 Muckers: Why Do You Muck?

July 25, 2019 1 By muckfestms

Why do you come to MuckFest®?

Whether you run, walk, or just cheer others on, everyone has a reason for joining us in the mud. Of course, people want to support the mission of the National MS Society. But it is more than that! MuckFest is about fun and family and support and community. It’s about conquering fears, trying something new, and spending time with the people we love most. There are so many reasons why we Muck.

So, we asked some Muckers what brings them out into the mud. The many responses we received were heartfelt and inspiring. Here are just a few of the reasons Why We Muck….

Karen W.

We Muck to honor Nicole C.: daughter, sister, cousin. We Support her fight to knock out MS.👊💯 Love you, Nicole — We do this for you!

Jacinto M.

I Muck with MS. I am challenging myself this year to the mud run because some may think of the obstacles as a big deal when navigating through my own life with MS and its physical, mental, and emotional symptoms is an obstacle course all its own, and I’m going to show these mudders how it’s done!

Michael F.

My mother struggled with MS for 15 years before passing away last year. I’ve been doing mud runs for the past five years and once I found out about MuckFest I’ve made it a point to do it every year.

Erin M.

Just shy of 2 years ago, I found out that I have MS. I’ve been a nursing assistant for many years in nursing homes and a hospital. I’ve worked with and continue to work with people that have MS. It clicked! The light bulb went on! I get it. I’m starting to  understand the invisible illness that lots of people don’t. I didn’t get it before, but I do now. […]

I Muck for the young who are more resilient and accepting than I am, and I Muck for myself!

Eddie M.

Finding “love in the mud” was about me and my girl Lyndsay meeting at MuckFest in 2015.

I had been volunteering for this event for a few years, and she and her team had run MuckFest for two years at that point. We met and jumped off Crash Landing together!

Lisa M.

I Muck with MS because I will not let this disease hold me back, because I think staying active is an important way to fight back, because I still can, and most importantly because rolling around in the mud with friends and family is the best way to forget about all your troubles!

Kelley A.

Not only do I Muck with MS but I also just love playing in the mud. I love the energy of the people there and watching strangers help each other complete the obstacles!

Joanne P.

I Muck for my wonderful daughter, who every day glides through this insidious disease with strength, grace and humor. She is my hero!

Jack K.

I Muck in memory of my late Aunt Joan.  I also Muck to prove to myself that I am not a geezer. 😉

Jessica D.

I Muck with MS. I Muck for those who have MS. I Muck for the support. I Muck for the laughs. I Muck for time “away from my disease.” I Muck to empower myself. I Muck to empower other warriors that see me. I Muck so that people understand that MS is hard to define, it is hard to “see,” but it is real, and we need a cure.

Jenny W.

I Muck for my dad, Dick Wise, and my aunt, Marcia Wise.

They inspire and love me and face MS health mysteries with courage and tenacity. Every time I see my Dad and he is in too much pain to sit; I cheer on his courage. He is my hero and never complains. My son Mucks with me, and we Muck with my neighbor whose husband and Mom both live with MS. We are a rockin’ team!

Susan H.

I Muck in honor of my sister. She had MS for over 17 years before she passed away. Our team name is in honor of her and her Air Force career: JEAN’S MUCKING TROOP!

Sarah G.

I Muck with MS because I CAN Muck with MS.

While I’m able, and while I have a growing tribe of friends and family that are crazy enough to do it with me, I’m doing it. My 8-year-old daughter can’t wait to join the team, and I love being a strong mama for her.

Kimberly E.

I Muck for my daughter. She was only 16 when she was diagnosed.

Tim H.

I Muck for my love of my life, Marci, and to raise funds for research to find a cure for all. We had an awesome time with many laughs and look forward to many more MuckFest events.

Marissa P.

I Muck for others and for myself.

I was diagnosed in 2015. After being fired for having MS, going blind, losing the ability to walk normally  or do stairs, and becoming homeless, I wanted to make sure others didn’t experience what I went through. So, I started a nonprofit for MS and created a team for MuckFest. Since being diagnosed I’ve been able to empower six people with MS and open the hearts, eyes, and minds of hundreds to donate, volunteer, and Muck for MS.

Natalie R.

It has been a year since my diagnosis, and I have learned so much about MS. I found out literally by “accident” and my whole life changed from that one moment. But more than anything, I have come to appreciate that despite my challenges, I am doing so much better than many others suffering from this illness. So, I will speak out, speak up, walk, run, and even get a little muddy if that’s what it takes to get the support we need to find a cure. I promise to be a voice for those who can’t or don’t have a way to be heard.

Christopher P.

My family and I Muck because we can. We are healthy and capable of pushing ourselves to participate without the fear of breaking down due to heat, a disease, or any other outside force. We are fortunate and recognize that we can do something about a disease that prohibits others from participation through our fundraising and supportive actions.

Rosemarie C.

I Muck with MS! This is my 30th year being involved with the National MS Society! I love being ROWDY! I love doing everything I can despite having MS. Part of my journey has included being in a  scooter; now I run in the MUD for me and for those who can’t! So, bring on those obstacles — I am ready!

If you didn’t send in your story yet, comment below and tell us why you Muck!