Building a Team and Making a MuckFest Family with Marissa from Boston

Building a Team and Making a MuckFest Family with Marissa from Boston

May 29, 2019 0 By muckfestms

It’s no secret that MuckFest can attract some big teams! From families and friends to co-workers and school clubs, the mud is so much fun when you tackle it as a group. Just ask Marissa S. from Boston! This past weekend, she and her co-workers participated in their third MuckFest Boston, and she doesn’t plan to stop mucking any time soon.

The National MS Society’s mission is important to Marissa because it’s part of her everyday life. The Elliot Lewis Center, where Marissa is an Executive Director and where she forms the base of her MuckFest team, is a comprehensive care center located in Wellesley, MA, for patients with multiple sclerosis. Every day, Marissa works towards the same goal as MuckFest: A world without MS.

Over the past three years at MuckFest, she has raised over $35,000, and she’s still going! She said this year at MuckFest was “another beautiful day in the mud”, and she plans to come back year after year for even more beautiful, muddy days. Before her next event, she has some tips for other Muckers on how to recruit and grow your MuckFest family.


  • Everyone can do it! Marissa says that “recruiting co-workers has been easy; MuckFest sells itself! Most see MuckFest as a fun, challenging, but not competitive obstacle course.” If anyone is nervous about participating for the first time, remind them that MuckFest is meant for all fitness levels!
  • Remind people of the cause: “Our first year, the team was myself, a physician, and a few friends. Last year, most of the office participated: a physician, our infusion nurses, research coordinators, clinical assistant, and administrative staff!” Marissa enthused. “It’s a fun way for our Center to show support for the National MS Society, who supports us and our patients daily! We see firsthand how the National MS Society helps patients by providing resources, educational information, and by raising awareness for MS.”


  • Recruit those co-workers: Marissa says MuckFest “is a great team building event for our Center. We get shirts made with our Center’s logo and take on the MuckFest challenges as a team!” She also says that aside from her own co-workers, MuckFest gives “the opportunity to see patients and colleagues from other clinics” in her industry as well.
  • Do Good. Stay Active: In addition to MuckFest, Marissa has been participating in other National MS Society events like the Journey of Hope Walk for years. She will also be running her 3rd Boston Marathon with the “Marathon Strides Against MS Team,” supporting the National MS Society. If you have active friends who love pushing themselves, MuckFest is the perfect way to introduce them to activities that benefit an amazing cause.
  • Don’t worry…it’s all about the fun! “For any new Muckers, we would tell them to have FUN, it’s not a competition, and SMILE for the cameras,” Marissa says about encouraging first-time Muckers to join her team.


All in all, Marissa says that MuckFest brings people together. Getting them to sign up is the first step, but after that, the experience will continue to bring them back.

“It’s certainly a team-building activity for our Center […] Our team works together on the course, as we work together in the office. We stay together to help each other through the various challenges, running to each obstacle as a team (leave no team member behind!). The event shows our ability to work together to combine our strengths. Each team member has different strengths and weaknesses in and out of the office, but when combined as a team, we are the best version of The Elliot Lewis Center.”

What are your best team-building tips? Add them in the comments below so our MuckFest teams can continue to grow and spread good.