I Muck for Mom: Nicole Q’s MuckFest Story

I Muck for Mom: Nicole Q’s MuckFest Story

May 10, 2019 1 By muckfestms


“My mom is my best friend. When she was diagnosed, I was at the pivotal age of 16. I thought that I had all the answers. When she received her diagnosis, I found out quickly I was wrong and how everything can change in the blink of an eye. My mom and I opened up to each other more starting then, and now we share everything. I don’t know what I would do without her. She is my everything, my hero, my best friend.”

Nicole Q’s mother has been living with multiple sclerosis for half of Nicole’s life. Ever since she was 16, MS has been a part of Nicole’s family dynamic and her everyday life. She has seen her mother struggle with an illness that was first misdiagnosed. She has watched her mother go blind in one eye, but she has also seen her overcome so many obstacles, including those on MuckFest.

Participating in MuckFest together for eight years has only strengthened their bond and given Nicole even more reasons to be inspired by her mother.


“Doing MuckFest has brought us closer because being able to push myself through the obstacles made me realize how much of an uphill battle my mom has every day. The first year I finished the 5K, the look on my mom’s face was so proud, and that’s why I continue to strive to do better each year.

And that includes fundraising! I am so excited that this year, I have raised the most money to date! I have collectively raised more than $8,000 for the National MS Society so far.”

And she’s not stopping anytime soon!

Nicole, her mom, and their team of Denise’s Diamonds will be mucking again this year, and they can’t wait to continue to get muddy for this amazing, and personal, cause.


“The first year I did the MuckFest, I only had one friend run on my team. Now 8 years later, more than half my Walk MS team also participates in MuckFest with me. My friends even actually call my mom, “Mom”, as well.

I now participate in Walk MS, MuckFest and volunteer at Bike MS because I feel this is such a great way to spread awareness and a way for me to help my mom. I sometimes feel helpless, but by participating in these events, I feel like I am making a difference.”

With MuckFest Philadelphia drawing closer, Nicole is getting excited to Muck…and to celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend!

“On Mother’s Day every year, my mom and I go to church and then we go to visit my grand moms’ and great grand moms’ graves to spend time with them. I have a small brunch planned for my mom and a shopping spree for new clothes! She deserves to be treated to the best.”


We want to wish Nicole and Denise, along with all the mothers, grandmothers and amazing women out there a Happy Mother’s Day weekend! We hope you are spending it surrounded by love.