Getting Muddy with Family: Brothers and Sisters Who Muck Together

Getting Muddy with Family: Brothers and Sisters Who Muck Together

May 3, 2019 0 By muckfestms
Christine M.

Remember when you used to run around as a kid? Playing outside…maybe getting a juuuust a little bit dirty? Chances are, many of you have that memory! And that memory may include siblings, friends, or other family members. Because getting muddy is much more fun with a partner-in-crime!

Today is Brothers and Sisters Day, and so we are calling on all our MuckFest siblings to tell us WHY they love mucking with their family. We tapped our Facebook friends and got so many fun memories, fantastic stories and muddy family times 😊 Read on…

Cassandra S. in Boston is coming back for more mud this year! “Last year was my first year participating in MuckFest, and my twin sister Lizzy participated alongside me. It’s such an amazing feeling to be going through day-to-day life with MS and knowing the support you have from everyone around you.”

Sara B. from Chicago mucks with “my big sis and little brother. They were the only Muckers with me in 2016 right after my diagnosis and have been with me ever since. My sis and I travel in from Kansas!”

Scott S. is pumped to have “two generations of siblings on our team this year” in Boston!

Christine M. from Chicago loves getting muddy with “my mucking brothers jumping in the mud!”

Vanessa S. from Boston says, “My brother has run by my side for the past four years and will be doing so again this year. Whenever we’re together, it’s always a good time. There usually is a mud fight to get things started and usually one at the end, too.”

Jessica D. from New Jersey mucks with her sister Steph and loves every minute of it.

“For me, mucking with my sister next to me is like the hugs in this picture! She has always been my biggest supporter, the voice in my head saying that nothing can stop me, and the one to make me realize that every day is special. I couldn’t fight MS without her. I also enjoy flinging mud at her for stealing my toys as a kid! 😉”

Melissa M. mucks in Boston for her wife Lynn, with her brother Gavin mucking alongside her. Except for last year, when someone was missing…

“I muck on team Chicky’s Crew for my wife Lynn. Last year I hadn’t heard from my brother, Gavin. He runs with us each year. I tried calling but there was no answer. We headed towards the start line, no Gavin. I kept looking for him and nothing. I figured he must have overslept. The next thing we knew, our team was running through the obstacles without him! We were thinking, ‘Whelp, he’s missing out. Wish he was here.’

Then half way through the race, as I’m waiting for my turn on the large swing, I hear someone breathing heavily in my ear. I turned around, and there was Gavin! He sprinted most of the course to catch up to us! He could’ve just bailed and not shown, but he busted his butt to find us and finish the race with his team! Definitely a memorable moment ❤️”

Cathy K. gets the best photos in Philadelphia, thanks to her sister! “My sister, Bonnie, mucked with our team four years ago and did great but decided to proclaim herself as MSDemeanors Team Photographer! She is 72 and still runs with the team on the sidelines, memorializing our memories!”

Ellyn P. really gets into the MuckFest spirit with her family in Boston! “I muck in Boston with my sister Ami, on team TWA. We have mucked since 2013 and look forward to MuckFest every year! Since we started mucking, we have added our cousins, especially Lisa, who doesn’t like to get messy or dirty, their children, our nieces and nephews, friends and families. Each year we come up with the most outlandish outfits. One year we dressed in all white hazmat suits! We were covered in mud and water before we even left the starting gate.

We have run the gambit from tutus to animal floats with swim goggles and arm float to surgical gowns, masks and gloves.”

Because nothing brings siblings together like a play day in the mud 😊

Are you mucking with your sibling this year? Tell us what you love about getting muddy with your brothers and sisters in the comments!