Top 9 “Pick-Up Lines” to Recruit Someone to Your MuckFest Team

Top 9 “Pick-Up Lines” to Recruit Someone to Your MuckFest Team

May 1, 2019 0 By muckfestms

Recruiting people to your MuckFest team doesn’t have to be a tiresome process. If you do it right, it can even be fun! And get some laughs! If you need creative ideas for your next team-building email or want to ask your friends to join you with a wink and a smile…we have some ideas! How about using a MuckFest pick-up line as your recruitment opener? It will certainly grab people’s attention, make them laugh…and you might even get a muddy date out of it, too. 😉

It’s time to get creative, people! MuckFest is almost upon us, so you have to catch peoples’ attention and get them to join your team out in the mud. If these opening lines don’t do the trick, we don’t know what will!

  1. You’re someone I want to get down and dirty with ….at MuckFest, of course! Join my team and we can get dirty together!
  2. You make me think dirty thoughts. 😉 You know what else makes me think dirty? MuckFest! Want to join my team this year?
  3. Do you like it when I slide into your DMs? How about when I slide down Slippy Sloppy? Let’s slide together at MuckFest this year!
  4. Let’s roll around…. in the mud! At MuckFest! Doesn’t that sound fun?
  5. Let’s stop muckin’ around and get serious. I want to take the next step with you. Let’s do MuckFest together!
  6. Me. You. Mud. Free beer. You in? Let’s do MuckFest!
  7. Are you DTM? Down to Muck… obviously!
  8. Swipe left. Spin right. Fly left. Slide ride. MuckFest is like a dating app for mud-lovers. Come find mud love on my team this year!
  9. Mud makes the world go ‘round. Or is it love? Either way, MuckFest is the place to BE this summer!

Did we miss any fun, mud-related humor opportunities? Tell us your best muddy pick-up lines in the comments! But keep it clean(ish) people! 😉

We can’t wait to see all of YOU in the mud!