Using Social Media to Spread the Word About MuckFest

Using Social Media to Spread the Word About MuckFest

March 22, 2019 0 By muckfestms

Extra, extra, read all about it! MuckFest is coming your way soon! Have you spread the word? As our 2019 MuckFest events get closer, it’s only natural that you’re going to want to shout for the world to hear that you’re participating in the most fun mud run around. 😉

What?! You haven’t been shouting it from the rooftops? Well, what are you waiting for?!

Social media makes it super easy to spread the word about MuckFest, whether you want to recruit new Muckers to your team, fundraise for the National MS Society, or just spread the word about all the muddy fun. Here are a few simple ways to use social media to spread the good news.

Tell People You’re Getting Muddy!

If you haven’t shared that you’re participating in MuckFest this year, that’s a great place to start! Make a Facebook status, shoot out a tweet or post a muddy photo telling people which MuckFest event you’ll be going to. You can also click “Attending” on our Facebook Events to see all the latest updates for your local MuckFest.

Invite Followers to Join Your Team

It’s time to call out your friends and bring them into the mud! Tag friends on social media and ask them to join your MuckFest team. This is especially important and effective if you have any friends who have done MuckFest with you in the past, but maybe haven’t signed up yet. Remind them of all the fun you had and encourage them to get back out in the mud!

Or, share your favorite MuckFest photos and tag your friends in the caption, asking them to join you this year!


There are tons of ways to use social media to help with your MuckFest fundraising! Some ideas are:

  • Set up a Facebook Fundraiser! Log into your Participant Center, click “Connect Fundraiser to Facebook”, and you’re ready! With one click, you’ll be able to easily post requests for support, thank your donors, and keep everyone updated on your fundraising progress! Visit our Facebook Fundraiser FAQ for help and more info.
  • Set a challenge for your Twitter followers with a specific donation amount and deadline (Example: $10 per follower by the end of the month).
  • Set an online challenge for yourself where you will do something crazy, silly, or adventurous if your fundraising goal is met by a certain date! May we suggest jumping in muddy puddles or a mud pie to the face?
  • Ask 10 friends to change their Facebook status to a message asking for donations for you.
  • Change your email signature, asking everyone to forward your fundraising link to 10 more people!

How are you using social media to tell the masses about MuckFest? Tell us in the comments!