Happy Valentine’s Day from Muckers in Love

Happy Valentine’s Day from Muckers in Love

February 14, 2019 0 By muckfestms

Happy Valentine’s Day, Muckers! While we try to spread the muddy love all year round, on this day we are feeling especially filled with love for all of you. MuckFest wouldn’t be possible without the friendship, camaraderie, and support you show out in the mud. Some of that is for teammates and friends, but some of that is shown between couples! So, on this holiday, we are sharing some muddy love stories from significant others who have mucked together…

Paul Q. from Philadelphia (above)

Last year was the second run for my wife Stephanie, and the first for our girls. She has been my rock since my diagnosis not quite four years ago. Our daughters have followed suit and I love them for their being strong with and for me.

Samantha L. from Boston

I mucked for the first time with my husband last year! Had so much fun, doing it again!

Sara B. from Chicago (above)

Here’s my guy! He’s there with me through all the MS Muck!!

Megan S. from Philadelphia

John (my fiancé) identified himself as living with MS for the first-time last year.  It was a pretty special moment since it was my first MuckFest as a manager. I got to do the run with him!

Vanessa S. from Boston

My husband mucks with me every year! 😊

Kim F. from Chicago

My hubby and I have mucked it together every year! He helps with shirt ideas, recruitment, whatever I need. The day of the event he watches out for me without being a hawk, and he lets me do it on my own unless I ask for help. He’s definitely there in solidarity and shows his support for all I go through. ♥️

Tim S. from Philadelphia (above)

We ran together last year! She motivates me and I do the same for her. I have to admit…she kicked my butt!

Spike C. from Philadelphia

I’ve been with my beautiful girlfriend Emily for almost four years. She has been by my side since day one when I woke her up bright and early for Walk MS after a closing shift Saturday night bartending. After seeing photos of previous Muckfests and a lil’ push from my friends and family, she agreed to join in on the fun. MuckFest was definitely out of her element but she is coming up on her 4th year participating and loves the day even more than I do. She pushes me to be a better person and is my biggest supporter in this battle against MS!

Do you have a story of doing MuckFest with your significant other? Share it in the comments!

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