How to Prepare for MuckFest When You’re Stuck Inside

How to Prepare for MuckFest When You’re Stuck Inside

January 3, 2019 0 By muckfestms


Unless you are some of the lucky people who live in a warm climate, the winter can be a bit of a downer time of year. You’re chilly, stuck inside, and MuckFest is still months away. What is a Mucker to do? It’s time to get creative! Here are fun and easy ways to prep for MuckFest even when you’re stuck inside.

Work with what you have

You can do a lot just with your bodyweight! If you can’t make it to the gym or exercise outside, you can still get in muck-tastic OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) shape with these bodyweight exercises and routines! You’ll be surprised at just how quickly you’ll break a sweat!

Expand your fitness boundaries

Join a class. Work out with a friend. Try a new activity. You can even watch work-out videos on your TV. You can get active in all sorts of ways now! So even if you must get moving inside, you can still make it fun.

We recommend seeing if your MuckFest teammates will join you! That will make it more fun, build up your teamwork and trust, and start making your 2019 memories early.


Get the family involved

Kids love nothing more than creating games from just their imagination. So, ask your family to help create an indoor obstacle course to help you get MuckFest-ready. Use the couch, chairs, even the bathtub if you really want to get crazy! Just remember, please Muck responsibly, especially at home.

Do the chores!

Have a mile-long to do list? Don’t really want to do it? Make it fun by reminding yourself that when you get dirty dusting, scrubbing muddy floors or cleaning out the laundry filter…you’re just preparing yourself for the MuckFest course! Get dirty now and you’ll be more comfortable jumping straight into the muck this summer.


Relive the magic and get excited for 2019

There’s nothing like looking back to make you even more excited for the future. Luckily for you, we have made that easy!

Love a big splash? We have compiled our list of awesome wipe-outs on our website to shout out to those who got muddy with abandon.

Have you conquered a tough obstacle? Or lost a battle to those giant swingin’ balls and flippin’ zip lines? We feel you! Check out our best obstacle moments HERE!

You can also see all the photos from our 2018 events on our blog, and make sure you didn’t miss a single muddy shot of you and your team. You might find an awesome shot you missed at first glance!

Plus, you can share your favorite muddy moments by using #MuckFest and your photos will appear on our website! It’s the perfect way to brag about 2018 and set new goals for yourself in the new year!

Don’t let the cold weather slow you down! Let’s go!