“I Never Thought I’d Be Diagnosed…”: Meet Mucker on a Mission, Christin from Denver

“I Never Thought I’d Be Diagnosed…”: Meet Mucker on a Mission, Christin from Denver

December 27, 2018 0 By muckfestms

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“I have been supporting MuckFest since 2012. One of my childhood gymnastics teammates invited me to be on her team to support her MS journey. At this time, I never thought I would be diagnosed….”

Christin Hungerford was a long-time Denver Mucker on her friend’s MuckFest team. In 2016, she was also diagnosed with MS. Even after getting that life-changing news, Christin didn’t slow down. She kept on mucking, kept supporting the cause, and promised that she will continue to do so until we can all live in a world without MS.

This year was especially important, as for the first time, she led her own team of friends and family members, the “Top Gun Pilots.”. Though it was a tough choice to branch off from her long-time team, Christin said it was so touching to hear that her friends wanted her “to feel the love and support that MuckFest brings when you have your own team.” Now, on the other side of that new and exciting experience, she’s telling us more about her MuckFest journey…


What’s one thing you wish you had known for your first MuckFest? 

I wish I would have known that this truly is a fun run, not a competition. It really does cater to any fitness level and is a complete blast. I caught myself and many of my other friends asking, “Why haven’t we done this yet?!”

Also, make sure to take lots and lots of pictures, and remember that we are doing this to find a cure.

What keeps you coming back again and again? 

In August of 2016, the cards were turned on me, and I was formally diagnosed with MS. Hearing the words “You have MS” is something I pray no one else ever has to hear. I will return every year until a cure is found.

What is your favorite obstacle and why? 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Slippy Sloppy slip n’ slide! A few of my friends and I last year might have gone down it 10 times!

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What are your favorite parts about MuckFest? 

I love the community, the support, the energy, and the encouragement to never give up!

What does it mean to have your parents and other friends and family Mucking alongside you?

It means the world to me to have my tribe running alongside me. MS not only impacts me, but it impacts my family as well. They see the hard days I have from time to time, the tears of fear, and what it takes to fight this disease.

What are some of your fundraising tips in general? 

Ask for HELP! Reach out to the community and do a fun fundraiser that gets people excited, and don’t hesitate to ask everyone to contribute!

It is so important to participate because every dollar truly goes to help find a cure. If everyone does their part, we will get there.

How do you prepare for MuckFest? What keeps you coming back? We want to hear more stories of strength and perseverance, like Christen’s! Share them with us in the comments and tell your MuckFest story!