From Milwaukee to Muck: Meet Chicago Mucker, Milton

From Milwaukee to Muck: Meet Chicago Mucker, Milton

December 21, 2018 0 By muckfestms

Milton Hwang has known about MuckFest since it began in the Chicagoland area but was never able to make the drive from his hometown of Milwaukee until 2018. Though he has supported multiple sclerosis causes and events for the two decades since his wife’s diagnosis, he had never experienced the muck.

That all changed this year.

Milton worked with the MuckFest team to connect with another Chicago runner, the famous Brian “PapaBear” Mahon, to run MuckFest Chicago in August. After so much anticipation, what did Milton think of his first MuckFest?

“I had researched MuckFest a ton, but you don’t REALLY know what to expect until you’ve done it.

I expected it to be great…and it was! The fact that all the awareness and fundraising goes to the National MS Society makes it great no matter what, but the experience itself was amazing! I wanted to keep running it over and over.

You’re muddy and dirty and tired but your adrenaline is pumping and you’re ready to go.”

Though he had originally signed up with his son, at the last minute his son couldn’t attend. That’s where PapaBear and some MuckFest magic came into play.

“Brian and I would never have met if not for MuckFest. In this world, there would have been zero reason for us to ever meet. But getting to know him and his story was amazing, and we had so much in common. Connecting with him was a highlight.”

Another highlight was the Flying Muckers zipline!

“There’s no question that was fun! And you get washed off a few times throughout the race. So, you start to think that you’re not THAT muddy, but then you’re all muddy by the end.”

MuckFest is not the end of Milton’s journey to support MS causes. Aside from planning on coming back to Chicago in 2019, this time with his son, Milton has big plans for year-long fundraising and support of multiple sclerosis…including a truly unique idea for a fundraising event!

“For the past few years, we have been throwing a big annual event in Milwaukee called “Fight MS, Eggroll Style.” We invite a ton of people, and when they arrive, they donate and then can eat as much Chinese food as I can cook. We finance the whole thing, so all the money can go to the National MS Society. Last year we had 260 people show up! They eat, have tons of fun, and all the money goes to a great cause.”

The cause is especially important to Milton now, as his wife’s condition progresses, and she comes up on the 20th year since her diagnosis. Supporting their local National MS Society Chapter, as well as the national organization, has become a family-oriented part of their lives.

Photo from a past “Fight MS, Eggroll Style” event from OnMilwaukee

“Next year is coming up on the 20th year since my wife’s diagnosis, and so we as a family decided we would do 20 events for MS this year, whether that be fundraisers or walks or runs. And we have been using #20for20 on social media to track our progress.

Plus, our eggroll event is already set for next year in March, too. So, stay tuned for lots of egg rolls!”

Lots of eggrolls. Lots of love and support. And hopefully lots more mud.

Note: You can learn more about Milton’s year-long fundraising and events at his wife Sarah’s MS Walk personal page here.