Top MuckFest Must-Haves That Fit Inside a Fanny Pack

Top MuckFest Must-Haves That Fit Inside a Fanny Pack

December 6, 2018 0 By muckfestms

It’s official. 2019 MuckFest registration is open and we are ready to get muddy!

Next year has a lot to live up to because 2018 was pretty amazing! We made some incredible mucky memories, had a lot of fun, and accomplished some lofty fundraising goals, including hitting the $30 million raised mark for the National MS Society.

With all that excitement behind us, we’re certainly looking forward to 2019. And you can sign up to join us NOW! Bring your family, friends, colleagues, book club pals, soccer team, or anyone else you think would love to get down in the mud!

Sign up soon, because if you register for MuckFest 2019 before January 5, 2019, you will get a MuckFest fanny pack! It’s the perfect start to your epic 2019 MuckFest costume, plus it will be useful to have on event. Fanny packs are the newest fashion craze right now, so we had to jump on board!

How can you use your MuckFest fanny pack out in the mud? We’re glad you asked! Here are just some of the items that will fit in your fanny pack and help you throughout your muck.

  1. Your credentials and drink ticket: Don’t want to return to gear check to pick up your drink ticket after the run? Bring a plastic bag and put your credentials and drink ticket right in your fanny pack!
  2. Extra socks: Wet socks aren’t most people’s favorite things. Want to switch out your socks after a particularly muddy obstacle? Now you’ll have them easily on hand!
  3. Wet wipes or eye drops: Sometimes the muck gets in your eyes. It’s just life! But if you want to be extra careful and have wet wipes or eye drops on hand in case of a muddy mishap, the fanny pack makes that easy.
  4. Band aids: We always have an amazing medical team on staff at the event just in case, but band aids can help prevent blisters, cover pre-existing cuts and more! Throw a few in your fanny pack to be the hero of your team.
  5. Waterproof phone case: While we can’t guarantee your phone or camera will be safe from water during MuckFest, lots of participants bring their phones, cameras or Go Pros on the 5K. And now, with our handy dandy fanny pack, you have somewhere to store it while you climb Mt. Muck-imanjaro.
  6. Duct tape: The #1 tip we get from long-time Muckers is to duct tape your shoes to keep them on your feet as you trek through Triple Pits, Spill Hill and more. Store extra in your fanny pack just in case!
  7. A memento or list of your donors’ names: If you fundraised, a great way to thank donors is to send them a photo of you out in the mud. Carry a list of your donors’ names in a plastic bag in your fanny pack, and they’ll love seeing their names out in spirit at MuckFest.

What else would you store in your fanny pack? Tell us in the comments!

Then, sign up to come out and join us in 2019! Aside from the awesome fanny pack, you’ll also gain awesome memories and lots of new friends!