My Muck Story: Lauren C., Detroit Mucker and MS Warrior

My Muck Story: Lauren C., Detroit Mucker and MS Warrior

November 1, 2018 0 By muckfestms


When Lauren C. was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in December 2016, she had just celebrated her 30th birthday. She wasn’t quite sure who to talk to about it and how much of her diagnosis she wanted to share with those in her life. She knew she had to do something, and after a little searching…she found her way to the MuckFest community!

This past August, Lauren ran her first MuckFest in Detroit while also training for a marathon. Participating in MuckFest showed her that support from friends and family can be a good thing and how much fun you can have in the mud! Now she’s sharing her story and her plans for more involvement with the National MS Society with us…


Tell us your MuckFest story…

I wasn’t comfortable talking to anyone about my diagnosis. I didn’t know anyone who had MS, but I knew I had to do something. So, I typed #MS into Instagram and searched and quickly found out about MuckFest!

Usually MuckFest takes place during a crazy work week for me, but I was able to participate this year! I told my mom about it, but I didn’t feel ready to recruit a whole team. So my friend and I ran it together this year.


What did you think of your first MuckFest?

I didn’t do much to prepare, but I was nervous about what I was going to wear! I bought cool-colored orange socks and a water proof phone case. That was my prep!

It was really hot on the day of the run! So, I had on a tank top and leggings. I recommend covering your knees! I had my phone on a lanyard around my neck, but next year I’m going to try to bring a GoPro, too. I did live feeds on Facebook and Instagram Stories throughout the race! Posting afterward is nice, but for people to see what I was doing LIVE was cool for me…to show that accomplishment in real time.

I would also recommend a waterproof watch and to have your laces tight. I lost my shoe in the very beginning and had to yank it out of the mud! I was trying to not mess up my hair for a while, but then my friend and I just got in the mud.

My favorite was the giant slip and slide obstacle, Slippy Sloppy! I had so much fun laughing at myself trying to get out of the pool! I could NOT get out of it. A girl behind me helped push my butt up out of the water. It was such a funny experience and memory. I laughed SO hard!


Why is MuckFest important?

It gives you confidence. It shows that just because you are diagnosed with MS, it’s not the end of your physical story. Running a marathon and doing MuckFest gave me that confidence and motivation to keep up with my training.

I don’t like talking about MS much in my personal life, but the support that I saw from teams, families, and other groups was amazing. MuckFest brings awareness and money to a good cause, but this is something that my friends and I would also just do for a good time. So, it’s both! My abs hurt the next day from all the laughing I did!


What are your plans for the future?

I’m looking forward to connecting with and getting more involved with the local Detroit National MS Society. This is such important work.

Thanks so much for sharing your Muck story, Lauren! Cheers to you!