MuckFest MS Through the Eyes of PapaBear, OCR Expert

October 3, 2018 0 By muckfestms

There’s no doubt that MuckFest MS is a whole lot of fun. A whole lot of dirty, muddy, do-good fun. And while some people may run MuckFest MS only once, there are many others who just can’t get enough! Meet Brian Mahon, aka, “PapaBear”, from Chicago. He runs as many obstacle course races (OCRs) as he possibly can, including last month’s MuckFest MS Chicago.

Clearly his commitment to racing is serious, and he is also very committed to spreading the MuckFest MS story. He wants everyone to get out in the mud!

That’s because this cause is very personal for him…

He always gives his MuckFest MS medal, and any OCR medal he receives, to his family friend Nancy. She is why he mucks.

“Before Nancy, I didn’t know much about MS. Nancy was the rock of the family, and when I saw how MS impacted her, I knew I had to dedicate all my races to Nancy. It all started from there and from her.”

But why obstacle course racing, specifically? Well, aside from trying to keep up with his daughter (already an OCR expert!), PapaBear loves that he gets to relive his childhood and get a little dirty.

When he first discovered the OCR community in 2010, he quickly became hooked. He even did 52 obstacle course races in a single year! He runs with different teams, but MuckFest MS has a special place in his heart because of Nancy. And he won’t be stopping anytime soon.

His promise to MuckFest MS is simple:

“As long as I can move my feet…I’ll keep running.”