Advice from a Veteran Dallas Mucker

September 27, 2018 0 By muckfestms


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“I get to show others that we can still move forward. No matter our challenges, we can truly live. We can choose to NOT let obstacles block us from our goals. It shows that I don’t just live with MS. I conquer the world in spite of it!”

Dallas Mucker, Sheila Timmons, has been mucking it up with her family team since 2014, and her mom is one of the top fundraisers in Dallas this year.

Sheila, who is living with MS, is excited and honored that MuckFest is a family affair for her.



“The people that love and care for me show me every day that I’m important. And that I have to keep going. And that no matter what, they are here for me.”

That includes being there for Sheila when they’re all down in the mud together. They are her support system from start to finish and have helped her finish the course every year that she’s participated. Sheila especially loves any obstacles that involve flying (or falling) because they give her a feeling of freedom.


She invites everyone she knows to muck with her and wants all of Dallas to come out and join in the muddy fun, too!

Her top tips for new Dallas Muckers?

  • When you’re getting ready for MuckFest and trying to grow your team, “Hit up all your family and friends. They are in this with you. Send texts and emails to everyone. Follow up and then roll on to the next. Team involvement makes it more fun!”
  • Need fundraising help? “Challenge a person or a group of people to raise the most money. Raffles, auctions, and parties are other ways to get people to see what you’re doing and why.”

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  • During the event, don’t push yourself too far! Timmons says, “Just do what you can. No expects you to be a super-person. Go have fun and spend quality time with those that have chosen to do this with you!”
  • In terms of clothes, use “shoes and leggings that cover your knees. Although, I still manage to get banged up a little, these things help. Also donate your shoes if you don’t plan to keep them. Someone else may be able to use them. I donate mine every year!”

If you take her advice, you can be sure you’ll conquer MuckFest like a champ! And Sheila can’t wait to see you there! She knows personally just how much this 5K means to those with multiple sclerosis.


“When I was first diagnosed, I wasn’t sure how to handle it. I was mad and lost. But now, I find that I look forward to this event every year.  I have to stay healthy to play! MuckFest also gives my family a sense of helping to find a cure and a means to keep fighting. My family and friends tend to have competitive natures. So that makes this fun, too!”

Fun with a purpose. For Sheila, and many of our Muckers, that is the making of a perfect weekend. We can’t wait to see you all there!