For “Walgreens MuckFest Texas” This is Much More Than a 5K

September 25, 2018 0 By muckfestms


MuckFest MS is more than a 5K for many people. Some love it for the OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) challenge. Others want to raise funds and awareness for the National MS Society. For Deb B. and team Walgreens MuckFest Texas, it is a chance to bond and make a difference in the world of healthcare.

“We work with chronic illness, including MS, every day, so when we learned about MuckFest MS, we thought it would be a good fit. We work with support groups for diseases like MS and we try to stay involved with causes and events that are really making a difference in the field of chronic illness,” explains Team Captain Deb.

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Making a difference has meant doing good in any way they can, including Hurricane Harvey relief as a team. They pick a cause with a purpose when looking for team-building activities. Deb says this keeps her Walgreens team motivated, even after the event is over.

“MuckFest MS started as just a team-building opportunity, but it turned into something bigger.

We had an MS scare with my daughter a few years ago, and even though it turned out to be a virus instead, I can sympathize and understand the fear and concern you feel as a parent. I feel very drawn to this organization.

In addition, our teammate’s sister has MS and she will be mucking with us as well! This has become personal for all of us.”

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This personal connection led Deb to pay for her team’s registration fees so they could donate the money they would have spent on registering to the cause instead. They have also had an all-team “MuckFest 101” call with their National MS Society representative to make sure everyone is prepared.

That preparation has included saving old tennis shoes so they can donate them at the end of the race, and getting excited for the different obstacles.


Deb says she is “isn’t sure what to think of those Big Balls! They are giant! They look fun, but I have never seen anything like that! I’m the most excited about that obstacle. I’m also excited about Slippy Sloppy!

We know that whatever we look like at the beginning is not like what we’ll look like at the end. This is not your glamour event but that’s okay. It’s going to be so fun!”

Deb is ready to gather her team of more than 30 people, all with varying levels of fitness, from all over the country. Walgreens employees from Minnesota, New Orleans and beyond are gathering in Dallas this weekend and looking forward to basking in the MuckFest MS fun even after the 5K is done.


“We’re excited to replicate what we’re doing in Texas in our other Walgreens’ regions across the country as well,” Deb enthuses. “Everyone I talk to about it has been so interested in learning more!”

If you haven’t thought about using MuckFest MS as a team-building exercise, use “Walgreens MuckFest Texas” as your inspiration! They’re bonding, making a difference, and going to have lots of mucky fun!