Enjoy the Moment, Enjoy the Muck with Kandace W., Detroit Mucker

July 30, 2018 0 By muckfestms


Michigan, we are heading your way this weekend! MuckFest MS © is hitting The Great Lakes State for our first Midwest Muck on Saturday, and our Detroit Muckers are ready! We chatted with Kandace W. from “Team No MSing Around!” about her favorite obstacles, how MuckFest MS helps her enjoy every moment, and why everyone should get a little muddy.

What is your favorite thing about MuckFest MS?

The atmosphere.  The feeling of support.


And of course we love the connection to the National MS Society as well!

I am grateful for the National MS Society for many reasons!  It has helped me understand versions of myself, and others, who are directly, and indirectly, touched by MS.  I have been able to direct folks to the site for educational and social opportunities, research updates and support.

What’s your favorite obstacle?

I’m a little torn! It is between Slippy Sloppy and Walk on Water.  Each of them freak me out a little but are ultra fun to complete! They both also happen to be obstacles where you are able to witness participants cheer one another on; yelling encouraging words and erupting loudly when someone who doubted their ability to make it across does so.

Kandace 2

Tell us about your team!

Team No MSing Around! is comprised of family. My husband, brother, my mom in law, a couple bffs, an uncle and some coworkers are the core group of our team. We just double dog dare people, regardless of ability or affiliation, to come have a fun time with us!  We have been blessed to have a great network of cheerleaders come and support us, too.  They are in on the shenanigans, but just stay cleaner.

Kandace 1

If you had to give someone ONE tip about fundraising, what would it be?

ASK! ASK! ASK!  I have been surprised by the folks who have come out in financial support of the National MS Society because I happened to ask.  Some individuals I assumed would donate nothing have shocked me and have given hundreds.  Others lovingly pledge smaller amounts, which all add up! Don’t beat people over the wallet, but give them the opportunity to consider a cause that means something to you.

Some people are worried that MuckFest MS would be too difficult… what would you say to them?

C’mon!  There are literally hundreds of friendly folks out there who are willing to help you.  If something intimidates you a little too much, you can even bypass that obstacle — just encourage someone else during your walk :).


Why do you Muck?

I Muck it with MS because I am blessed to get mucky for my sisters and brothers who are not able to physically participate.

How can other Muckers recruit people to their team?

Brag it up! I am excited about participating and I think that enthusiasm is felt by those around me. The older we get, the options for being just plain silly can escape us.  So why not raise money and awareness for a GREAT, personal cause and play around in mud at the same time?

I run across many who are skeptical of their ability to finish a 5K. Team No MSing Around! sticks together and happily takes walking breaks! We all finish and celebrate that victory as a unit. Besides, if the person with a chronic neurological diagnosis can participate — many others can too!


What’s the energy like at MuckFest MS?

Happily insane.  You have grown ups from many walks of life playing around in mud. That’s the backdrop of a silly time. It proves itself to be a loud, bright, supportive and non-competitive atmosphere. People of other teams cheering strangers on, providing tips for completion or a literal helping hand; it just feels like a society I want to exist in.  There are some great folks who happen to have MS volunteering, participating, cheering and feeling the love from the crowd. It’s like a big (muddy) hug.

How has MuckFest MS affected your day-to-day life?

Participating in MuckFest MS reminds me to enjoy the moment, learn from others, not to take life too seriously, and to encourage individuals who are different (and the same) as me.