Why I Muck: Kristy D., New Jersey Mucker

July 19, 2018 0 By muckfestms


MuckFest® MS New Jersey is coming up this Saturday, and we are muckin’ excited to get extra muddy with the East Coast. Just one of the Muckers joining us is Kristy D., who is taking on MuckFest MS with a smile on her muddy face. She’s an inspiration to Muckers nationwide, and she can’t wait to ring that victory bell. 


What is your favorite thing about MuckFest MS?

Having fun and completing each obstacle. I know one day that I may not be able to do everything on that course but until that day, every year me and my family will be having fun and getting dirty.

Tell us about your team: Are they friends, coworkers, family members, a mix? How did you get them all together?

Team MS’d up is made up of family and friends. Between Walk MS and MuckFest MS I have about 50+ different members. I encourage everyone to reach out to someone new each year to recruit more members. The more the muckier.


If you had to give someone ONE tip about fundraising, what would it be?

Take all the help you can get. Ask family and friends for their input and help. People are always willing to help out for a great cause. Since I started my team, my sister Lacey is the brains behind the fundraising, my best friend Margaret helps with gathering donation prizes, my mother Barbara crochets her signature American Flag blanket (the biggest raffle hit), our local bar, The Rock, hosts our fundraisers, etc. When giving everyone responsibility for the fundraising event, it makes the event run smoothly and you succeed as a team.

Some people are worried that MuckFest MS would be too difficult… what would you say to them?

MuckFest MS is for everyone. There is no pressure to run or complete any obstacles you are not comfortable completing. Every team is there for the same reason to have fun and raise awareness. If you do not have a team, join mine: MS’d Up.


Why do you Muck?

I Muck for me and those who are fighting MS.

If you had to give someone ONE tip about building their team, what would it be?

Promote on social media. Have all your friends and family share your story and your fundraisers.You will be surprised how quickly word spreads. If that doesn’t work be annoying 🙂


What’s the energy like at MuckFest MS?

Its an amazing feeling walking into the MuckFest MS event. The positive vibes and heartfelt support from family and friends can make you emotional. You are instantly surround by people who care, and are passionate about this cause. I remember the first time I attended MuckFest MS. All of my family and friends were there so it was emotional for me. I knew I was loved but that moment made me realize I am not in this journey alone.


How has MuckFest MS empowered you to conquer life’s obstacles?

MuckFest MS empowered me by allowing me to think of life as one big MuckFest. I will face obstacles along the way but with family and friends by my side, I can get through anything life throws at me. Sometimes it may be scary, sometimes it may be hard but I know that I will fight through it and I will win.