Meet Cory Z., National MS Society Chapter Lead on MuckFest MS New Jersey

July 17, 2018 0 By muckfestms

We wouldn’t be able to make any of our MuckFest MS events happen without teamwork (it DOES make the dream work) and help from our local National MS Society chapters. This week, as we get New Jersey ready for a weekend of serious muddy fun, we have been working with the New Jersey chapter of the National MS Society, and especially with Cory Z. Cory has been an amazing part of the MuckFest MS family for years, and he’s giving us a sneak peek at what you can all expect this weekend…

What is your favorite MuckFest MS obstacle?

Flying Muckers is my favorite. It is so much fun watching everyone complete the obstacle. Some people try to hold on as long as possible (even after they hit the stop block), others try to show off and do some fancy dismounts from the zipline. It is always fun, and the jump in the water is nice and refreshing, too!

What is the best part about working on MuckFest MS?

Seeing all those MuckFaces and the ‘I Muck with MS’ bandanas! We muck to fundraise and raise awareness to help end MS. It is great to see everyone coming out, having fun, and meeting each other. The best is when there is that “Ah-ha” moment in the Muckin’ Corral, when people realize what they signed up for, and more importantly, why. Our Muck Master Al puts it best: “Today you are going to get stuck in the mud for a bit. Just remember people living with MS every day may be experiencing this type of feeling everyday as a symptom of their MS. So for you it will be a moment, but for them it is every day of their lives.”

What are you most looking forward to about MuckFest MS New Jersey?

Our new venue! We are all very excited to see the new course and obstacle layout there. It should be a mucky good time!

Any advice for first-time muckers?

Prepare to get muddy! Also, make sure your shoes are tied on really well. No matter how many warnings we give, someone will lose a shoe while entering the Muckin’ Corral (the key is to keep moving). It is always fun seeing a group of five people digging through the mud for a lost shoe. There have been some close calls but the shoe is always found.