Mucking It for the First Time

July 16, 2018 0 By muckfestms

MuckFest MS is an experience like no other. For most people, once you try it, you’re hooked…but that first Muck can be a crazy experience! That’s why we love hearing from first-time Muckers. We’re inspired bytheir feelings of accomplishment, laughter, and strength, and by the muddy memories they have with their teammates.We spoke to one first-time Mucker, Dave, who joined us for the first time this year in Philly after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last year. He took on the 5K like a warrior, and shared some of his favorite memories with us… 

What were you feeling the morning before the race began? 

I was excited and relieved.  Since I was diagnosed with MS last year, I knew I wanted to run in the MuckFest MS to support the cause.  At first, I thought I would be running by myself, but I was quickly able to get 3 family members and friends to join me (which I was perfectly content with).  As I started telling more friends about the event, those numbers quickly rose.  I eventually had 35 people running with me, and as a team, we raised $5000.  I was completely humbled by all the support and was hoping the event lived up to the hype I was giving it as I recruited for my team.  Not only did it live up to the hype, it far surpassed it with many of my friends telling me how excited they were to do it again next year. 

What was your favorite obstacle and why? 

Despite the awkward landing into the water, the “Flying Muckers” zip line was my favorite obstacle.  It was a thrill to hang on to the zip line all the way to the end and let go flying into a 6-foot-deep pool of muddy water.  It was also the most entertaining to watch my teammates, as each one had a different reaction to the obstacle. 

What was an obstacle that you were proud of conquering? 

Instead of being focused on a specific obstacle, I was most proud of  finishing the 5k as a whole. Long distances have always been difficult for me, so the hardest parts of the course were the long stretches of walking/running in between the obstacles. 

Talk about the excitement of crossing the finish line! 

It was amazing to cross the finish line with my entire team. We had a great mix of athletes and couch potatoes, and everyone worked together to make sure we all finished.  There was a huge sense of accomplishment, and I was proud that everyone took time out of their weekend to join me and complete the course. 

What is the one thing you wish you’d known before you took the course? 

To always keep your mouth closed.  I consumed a 5-course meal of mud throughout the run.  Now I know for next year to bring a beverage to wash it down! 

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