Things I Wish I Knew Before My First MuckFest MS

June 22, 2018 1 By muckfestms


If you’ve never done a MuckFest® MS before, it’s unlikely you’ve ever experienced anything like it. We’re not like other 5Ks, and we’re not like other mud runs. We are a muckin’ original, and if you’re joining us this year, you might have some questions. Luckily, we have the answers! Here’s what you need to know…

This isn’t like other mud runs

MuckFest MS is meant to be a day of action-packed fun! It’s not a competition, and there is no “winner.” You’re all winners! The only contest is to see who can get the muddiest, so people of all skill and fitness levels can come out to the mud.

Don’t stress about your start time or your finish time…just worry about who has the most epic wipe-out as you conquer 18 crazy obstacles!


Mud is for everyone!

Though you must be 12 years old to run, we don’t want the kiddos to feel left out! That’s why we have a Lil’ Muckers area for kids aged 5-11. They can come and get in on the muddy fun, too!

If you don’t want to get muddy, you can cheer from the sidelines! We love having a big crowd out to motivate and support our Muckers! You can also volunteer, too. We couldn’t do it without our amazing volunteers!

Join (or create) a team

MuckFest MS can be done solo, but everything is better with friends! We have Team Captain Facebook Groups for our events (you can check them out here) so you can join a team or get advice on how to recruit your pals to join you! Lots of teams also do fundraising and training events together, which will get you in the MuckFest MS spirit before the run.


Rock the gear

Wear closed-toe sneakers – No cleats allowed! Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting mucky, and you should wear clothes that won’t restrict your movement and provide protection. Pants or shorts are fine, and many muckers wear thin work or athletic gloves to get a better grip on obstacles. We recommend wearing your hair up to keep it out of your face, and bandanas/headbands are a great idea for everyone.

Lots of Muckers also dress in fun costumes like kilts, tutus, and more! So, feel free to get creative with your outfit!

Pack a bag

Everyone gets a t-shirt at the end of the event and we also have an area to wash off, but we definitely recommend bringing at least bottoms to change into and flip flops or other sandals for your muddy feet. Maybe bring some baby wipes for extra cleaning, too… 😉


You have to BELIEVE

Most people don’t army crawl through mud, swing into muddy water, or scale a mud hill on their average weekend. Try new things, test your boundaries and surprise yourself with your skills!

Take the wins with the wipe outs

You might fall down. You might faceplant in the mud. But you are also going to conquer an awesome 5K, get muddy and have a muddy blast.

When you raise your beer to toast your teammates in the MuckFestival, remember all that you’ve accomplished and how muckin’ awesome you are every day.


Hydrate properly

Drink water leading up to, and after you get all mucked up. We also have a free beer for the 21+ crowd who Muck with us. Because every good workout should be celebrated with a beer at the end!


Aside from being fun, MuckFest MS is a great spot to get fun photos! Want a great shot for the family holiday card? Need a new Facebook or dating app profile pic? We have you covered! We have a photographer on hand at every event capturing all the magical moments. You can relive Muck again and again.

Anything else you wish you knew? We have an FAQ page for that! Or, shoot us a message on Facebook and we’ll get back to you ASAP.