Top 10 Reasons You Should Make the Muckin’ Most of Summer

June 21, 2018 0 By muckfestms


Summer is here, and if there was ever a reason to yell “Muck Yeah!” about a day, this is your excuse. Summer is the best season for many reasons, not the least of which is that we have so many MuckFest MS events coming up over the next few months. So why should you spend your summer with us? Here are your Top 10 Reasons…

Why the muck not?

Why not do a fun activity that will be a hilarious, outrageous day with friends? There’s nothing holding you back! We have muddy 5Ks across the country, and it only takes a few hours of commitment to come join us. So, don’t miss out!


You’ll take advantage of the sunshine

There are only a few months of summer, and for many areas of the country, there are only a few months of warm weather in a year. It’s time to get out in the sun and make the most of this amazing season!

There’s water to cool you off

If you do get a little too hot while you’re out in the mud…never fear! Most of our obstacles have (muddy) water as a part of them to help you cool off. Get ready to dive in and have some fun!


It’s a new kind of outdoor experience

Lots of people spend time outdoors in the summer, but you won’t have any experiences quite like this. MuckFest MS has swings, army crawls, mountains of mud…and that’s just the beginning! MuckFest MS has 18 different obstacles for you to conquer to take on the outdoors in a whole new way.

You can bring your friends!

MuckFest MS can be done on your own, but it is a BLAST with friends. Ask your friends to sign up with you, and you’ll have one-of-a-kind memories for all those gloomy winter months ahead.

You can also make new friends

If you sign up on your own, you are sure to make new friends! Our events have local Team Captain Facebook Groups where you can connect with other Muckers or join a team. It will make you feel a part of our awesome crew before you even arrive.


Just think of the selfies…

Come on. A whole day of mud in the sun? There are selfie spots and photo ops galore! Plenty of Muckers put their phones in plastic bags, attach Go Pro cameras to their heads and go above and beyond to get “the” shot, but we also have professional photographers capturing all the great muddy moments.

It’s for a good cause

100% of the donations to MuckFest MS support the life-changing work of the National MS Society. We have raised almost $30 million to raise awareness and support people living with multiple sclerosis, while bringing us closer to a world without MS.


There’s beer!

Need we say more? We didn’t think so.

MuckFest MS can make it your best summer yet!

If all of that (somehow) didn’t convince you, just come out and try it! Let’s take on summertime!