May 11, 2018 0 By muckfestms

The FUN Mud Run is coming for you, Boston! We sat down with Eddy T. of “The Seacoast Muckers” for an interview, and came out of it knowing this… Eddy is a passionate Mucker, and this event is important to him and thousands of fighters across the country living with MS.

How were you introduced to MuckFest MS?

“I have MS. I was diagnosed 8.5 years ago. Within months of my diagnosis, I was connected with the MS Society. A good friend of mine from high school has MS and well, and he reached out to me and said, ‘I’m reaching out to the Society to get involved, and I’m giving them your name as well.’ So, from there, I’ve been involved with golf tournaments and muck events.”

Why is raising funds for the National MS Society important to YOU?

“The MS Society was the first place I went to gather information; to kind of calm my nerves a little bit and calm my fears. They have so many resources and so much information they can provide to people with MS, whether newly diagnosed, or running into other issues when they live with it.”

Who do you Muck with?

“I run with family and friends. My 14-year-old son does it with me, and a whole group of friends.”

How would you describe MuckFest MS?

“The comradery of everyone there, it’s really a festival, it’s not a competition. There’s music, and really just people having FUN, trying to raise money to help all of us who have MS. It’s a party!”

Eddy serves as co-chair on the MuckFest MS committee and the Board of Trustees for the Greater New England MS Society Chapter. Thank you for all you do, Eddy!