May 11, 2018 0 By muckfestms

Guest post written by Erin R., a Boston Mucker.

Michael and I have been mucking together for years! We have participated in the past 4 years of MuckFest MS® events in Boston. All of that mucking love was just one of the things that brought us close together and contributed to our engagement late in 2017! As avid Muckers, Michael and I knew that we had to think about MuckFest MS when we were considering our wedding date! After getting engaged, we emailed to see if a date had been set for the 2018 MuckFest MS Boston.  We waited for the date to be set before setting our wedding date. While we were disappointed to figure out that a wedding could not be hosted at the event itself 😉, we decided to incorporate MuckFest MS as much as we could in our wedding planning.

We will be getting married in early May this year and taking the plunge into the muck as newlyweds just two short weeks later! We have decided to have a donation jar at our wedding in lieu of wedding gifts. Puck the Muck Duck will be making his presence known at our celebration as he will be incorporated in many ways into the décor of our backyard event! We have even added crazy incentives such as Michael taking a polar plunge into the river the morning after the wedding if he reaches his fundraising goal! And instead of a honeymoon we will be taking our Mucky-moon by wearing just married costumes through the 5k muddy course!

All this fun and frivolity aside, MuckFest MS really means a lot to both of us. Both my father and my maternal grandmother have Multiple Sclerosis. MS is a disease that is both hard to diagnose and unpredictable. It impacts each patient in different ways. Seeing the ways that it impacted the lives of my loved ones inspired me to become involved with the National MS Society. After several years of fundraising for walks, I discovered MuckFest MS! These events truly change lives. The network that the National MS Society has created of people working together to fight MS is truly remarkable. There is a spirit of teamwork and good will that is present at the events that is unrivaled by other types of events. The work and research done by the funds raised by the National MS Society can change and improve the lives of MS patients.