4 Ways to Make Muscle With Mimi

4 Ways to Make Muscle With Mimi

March 23, 2018 1 By muckfestms

Mimi is one of those people who lights up your day the second you meet her. More than just a friendly face in Texas, though, Mimi is a fighter. Diagnosed with MS in 2002 and weighing just over 450 pounds a little over a year ago, she knew that something needed to change.

“I was having a hard time; just playing with grand kids, just getting through the day. So I decided that was enough and I learned how to eat right and I wanted to learn how to exercise better.”

She joined a gym, hired a personal trainer, and has now lost over 140 pounds (let’s pause and say HOLY MUCK, Mimi, that’s amazing!) and continues to work towards her fitness goals.
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Mimi first mucked in 2017 with her Anytime Fitness trainer, Aaron, and his wife. They, along with family and friends, will be joining us in Dallas this year for more muddy fun!

Let the 2018 Training Commence

Aaron put together the workout routine below for Mimi. He also works with her on building her stamina so that she’s ready on September 29 to conquer the three miles between obstacles. It’s important to note that Aaron is a professional and ensures Mimi’s safety is taken into consideration while doing these exercises… make sure you do the same!

1. Ball Slam
2. Battle Ropes
3. Dead Lift
4. Russian Twist

Our obstacles are crazy fun, and we want everyone who comes to MuckFest MS to have the time of their lives. Whether or not you’re able to do every obstacle, we want you to know that you’re welcome here in the muck, and we hope that Mimi’s story shows that YOU TOO can muck it with MS.

A HUGE shout-out to Mimi and Aaron for helping Muckers train around the country! You can check out their full video on YouTube by clicking here. Here are a few final words from Mimi to encourage you as you get ready for the muck:

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