February 15, 2018 0 By muckfestms

Guest post written by Boston Mucker Heather O.

Up until last February, I had no idea what MuckFest® MS was. Prior to being diagnosed img_9041-e1518729856515.jpgwith Multiple Sclerosis in November, my life consisted of training for obstacle course races such as Spartan and Mudderella. All were for fun and were to challenge myself, but none of them were for a real purpose other than personal satisfaction. How could I not have known MuckFest MS existed?

Last year was a trying year for me and my family. I suffered from six separate relapses which had me pretty immobile for the entire year. Depression was setting in. Thoughts of “why me?” overcame my brain. One afternoon my sister happened to call me with news that she hoped would cheer me up. She told me that her husband works with a woman close in age to myself (early thirties) who also has MS. This woman was signing up for a mud race to fundraise for the National MS Society. I was so excited to be part of something that not only helped others suffering from MS, but also involved what I loved most…obstacle course racing!

Three weeks before the event, I happened to have another relapse that left my entire right side numb for two consecutive weeks. Such is my luck, huh? Two days before the race I completed the last day of my five-day Solumedrol treatment. I was told by my loved ones that just showing up was enough. It wasn’t enough for me. I needed to fight this disease. There was no way I was going to let it win. The day of the race, I put my team shirt on and jogged (okay, I limped) alongside 14 of my family members and friends.

“I needed to fight this disease. There was no way I was going to let it win.”

Did I have to skip some obstacles? Sure. Did I feel like I was missing out on some of the fun? At times. Did I show up and give it everything I had? Absolutely! Looking around the day of the race, there were very few people with MS bandannas on. I felt lucky to be able to participate that day not only for me, but for everyone else who couldn’t. This was the greatest experience and one that I will continue to be a part of for as long as possible. If you’re thinking of signing up, don’t think twice. Do it, you won’t regret it. You have MS, MS doesn’t have YOU!