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Laura R., a St. Louis-turned-Chicago Mucker, first mucked in 2014 with family and friends. In 2015 she had the largest team in St. Louis, and we’re thrilled to have her road-tripping to Chicago in 2018! Thanks for sharing why YOU muck, Laura!

Why do you Muck?Laura 4

I muck for myself and my friend Melanie. We were both diagnosed within a few months of each other. We are neighbors and our youngest kids are friends. We became inseparable and each other’s support system. We both like to read, walk and volunteer at the MS Center of St. Louis.

Tell us about your team: Are they friends, coworkers, family members, a mix? How did you get them all together?

The Dirty Birds of St. Louis are friends and family. 2014 was our first year and we had 8 members. The following year our team grew to 44 members making us the largest team in St. Louis! I asked everyone to recruit 2 people and they really came through. In 2016, we had a MuckFest® MS road trip to Chicago.  We understandably had fewer members. We raised a lot of money and had fun even though it was absolutely freezing! We took a year off but 2018 is going to be the best one yet.

Laura's Team

If you had to give someone ONE tip about fundraising, what would it be?

Facebook is a great fundraising tool. Many people have been affected by MS and want to donate. I always make sure to thank and tag the donor on Facebook so their friends can see and spread the generous donations.

Some people are worried that MuckFest MS would be too difficult… what would you say to them?

Some of our team members are scared of heights or small spaces. They just go around that obstacle and wait for the team to complete the obstacle and join back in. I’m not the best runner so I do what I can and walk the rest. MuckFest MS is not a “race” so there is no pressure to be fast. Just enjoy, take your time and take advantage of the great photographers.

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