5 mud run obstacles that make you go “Ooooh!”

5 mud run obstacles that make you go “Ooooh!”

January 2, 2018 1 By muckfestms

When it comes to mud runs, don’t settle for railroad ties and a bunch of tires. Look for mud runs with big, awesome obstacles like the ones below. They’ll test your athleticism and your sense of humor.


  1. Just sit yo’self down and slide, my slippery friend. You’ll achieve maximum velocity as you go feet-first into the drink, making a splashy entrance.
  1. What goes up must come down. There are no recess monitors out on the course telling you not to jump off the swings. Jump and make a show of it.
Swing Set

Obstacle: Swing Set, MuckFest MS

  1. Everyone loves a zip line. This one zips you on a slight incline and stops short, launching you forward into a graceful or not-so-graceful water entry.
  1. They’re big. There are 9 of them. And they’re swinging from a crane and may bump you into the mud. You’ve been warned.
Big Balls

Obstacle: Big Balls, MuckFest MS

  1. Before you jump, remind everyone, “Yeah, I do my own stunts!”
Crash Landing

Obstacle: Crash Landing, MuckFest MS

Take a spin through the MuckFest® MS course and see all the big and bodacious obstacles.


MuckFest MS is the FUN mud run with the best obstacles. Fired-up and fun-loving teams of friends, family and co-workers run on a well-designed 5K course, featuring super-sized obstacles and mud from start to finish. No special training or equipment is required. This event is built for laughs, but we’re also on a serious mission toward a world free of multiple sclerosis (MS). 100% of fundraising dollars go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

After getting dirty on the course, participants shower off and meet up with guests to celebrate in the MuckFestival area. It’s a party with beer, soda, food, games, and a mucky toast or two. There’s even a muddy, pint-sized play lot called Lil’ Muckers that’s just for kids.