Madelyn Mucks Through the Mud


The MuckFest MS blog is for YOU, the participants, so today we’re thrilled to introduce you to Madelyn from Philadelphia. Here’s her Mucking story, with pictures at the bottom of the page:

“I was diagnosed with MS 7 years ago, August 12, 2010…my 10-year wedding anniversary! Early in 2014 my cousin, who lived in Philadelphia, wanted to do something in my honor and he found MuckFest® MS! He began to build a team, then known as “Madelyn’s A Mess With MS.” I was so proud of him for doing a team for me, and then I thought, I am physically able to do this, so I, too, joined the team! It was GREAT! Since then, I have decided that if I am physically able to do it, then I will continue Mucking for myself and for those who are not able to. My most successful fundraising technique has been making cookies in a jar and selling them. I bake up to 10 different varieties of cookies. Each year the team gets bigger and more with people with MS have joined. With that, I renamed the team “Madd’s MisFits.” This past MuckFest MS I had almost 50 members on my team. The first year we participated, we had a modest team of 11!”

GO MADD! We really mean it when we say that we are MORE than just a mud run. MuckFest MS is about playing in the mud and raising funds for the National MS Society, yes, but we’re also an event where people build community and share stories and experiences with one another. The spirit and energy and LOVE in the mud is out of this world. We’re so happy to have Muckers like Madelyn, and we’re so thankful that she shared her story with all of us and all of you!

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