Lyndsay Wright: WHY I MUCK

Lyndsay Wright: WHY I MUCK

August 3, 2017 2 By muckfestms

Lyndsay is a passionate mucker (she even found her life-long partner in the mud), and we’re so excited to share her MuckFest MS story with you! Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page to see pictures of Lyndsay and her team.

My name is Lyndsay Wright and I reside in Hewitt, NJ. I am a 27-year-old ball of energy who always looks for the next adventure! I began participating in National MS Society events in April of 2009 and I have continued to get involved in as many as possible. It started out with Walk MS, MuckFest MS, and then Bike MS. When I first heard of MuckFest MS, I’ll admit I turned my nose up at it. But, my friend and I kept tossing the idea around and we decided to go for it in June of 2014. I remember setting foot in the mud for the first time, thinking “What am I getting myself into?” Then the mud started flying, and we were covered before we even started to run! I was hooked at that moment! Not to be too mushy, but I also met the love of my life in the mud at MuckFest MS in 2015.

If you ask my friends, I go non-stop 24/7. I am also pretty stubborn, but I do know my limits. I love staying active because when I was first diagnosed with MS, the symptoms greeted me with numbness from the waist down. I had trouble walking and I just felt like I would be restricted for a very long time with the disease. But nope! MS messed with the wrong girl, and I was ready to tackle it head on and not let MS define who I am. I find motivation from those who support me in my fight, and I want to inspire others to keep moving and not let anything stop you in your tracks. I love hiking, biking, working out, pretty much anything outdoors, and all MS-related events! Remaining active has given me the upper hand on the disease and there is no way I will back down now. My family also received another MS diagnosis in December of 2015. My brother, Chris, who is also very active like me, joins me at MuckFest MS and all other events throughout the year. We are great motivation for each other, and we won’t stop until a cure is within our reach!

You rock, Lyndsay! THANK YOU for sharing!