July 27th is National Refreshment Day!

We’re excited to share a guest blog post from our National MuckFestival Sponsor, Traveler Beer Company!

July 27th is just around the corner, which means only one thing: National Refreshment Day is almost here! It’s a day to honor all things refreshment and have a Shandy or two while doing it. So, while there aren’t any actual MuckFest® MS mud runs on National Refreshment Day, there’s plenty that the national holiday and the mud runs have in common. Here are the top 5 reasons why we think MuckFest MS is worthy of the Badge of Refreshment.

  • Have you seen the obstacles? Come on, what’s more refreshing than running through mud and water on a hot summer day?
  • You get a nice hose down at the end to get the muck off. And as a bonus, it’ll take you right back to your childhood and the days you spent playing in the hose and sprinklers.
  • You get to enjoy a Traveler Shandy afterward (if you’re of age). Need we say more? All of Refreshment Day is based off of these Shandys!
  • You get a day away from work, work, work to spend time with family and friends doing something fun together.
  • And the most refreshing of all… helping a great cause and giving back to your community!

This National Refreshment Day take the opportunity to sign up for a MuckFest MS mud run in your area. Then stop by a Traveler Beer Company National Refreshment Day event and raise one up to relaxation, having fun, and doing good!

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