A Mucker’s Top 6 Moments from MuckFest MS Denver

A Mucker’s Top 6 Moments from MuckFest MS Denver

July 21, 2017 0 By muckfestms

Last weekend in Denver, our team had the privilege of handing over our Instagram account to a loyal mucker, Brooke Hatfield. This was her SEVENTH time joining us for MuckFest® MS Denver, and her Instagram Takeover was seen by nearly 9,000 people across the country. Brooke lives with multiple sclerosis, but she doesn’t let her diagnosis dim her optimism and joy.

Below are her top 6 moments from MuckFest MS Denver 2017! Scroll to the bottom of the page to see more pictures.

  1. I met a woman who has been living with MS for over 20 years, and this was her first-ever event with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. She looked around, felt overwhelmed, and cried. She asked her daughter: “Is everyone here for MS? Is this all for MS?” She was so touched that people were aware of the cause and so grateful that so many people were there.
  2. MudMaster Al… he makes you SO pumped up and excited to get muddy. Each year, I see new muckers look a little nervous not knowing what to expect, but MudMaster Al is amazing and gets everyone ready with a little pregame at the starting line! During his introduction, he explained how the obstacles and the feeling of running in the mud isn’t much different from what those with MS experience every day… that really touched home. For him to point that out at the starting line really made people focus on the cause and lit a fire for the mindset of “I’m going to do this – not only with excitement, but with HEART.” He made it personal!
  3. Seeing so many participants run with the “I Muck It with MS” bandanas reminded me that I am not alone with this disease.
  4. There are tons of mud runs out there, but what makes MuckFest MS different is the nature of the obstacles. These obstacles invoke your inner kid! I love seeing adults turn into little kids and squeal going down Slippy Sloppy! Where else can you throw mud at your spouse and get away with it? This event is about having fun and being silly!
  5. Team work makes the dream work! I love seeing teams come back each year. Our teams are growing in numbers, our fundraising is growing in numbers, and we didn’t have team tents before… it’s just evolved into this HUGE electric event. It’s contagious and energizing.
  6. MuckFest MS reminds me how to tackle life. Things might not be glamourous or sexy, but you see familiar faces and strangers, and you’re all going through it together. You take tons of leaps of faith. You laugh. And then at the end, you ring that bell to celebrate that you made it through… there are so many parallels to life.

Thanks, as always, for sharing your story, Brooke! Cheers to many more mucks.