5 Places to Capture your Teammates #MuckFace

May 10, 2017 0 By muckfestms

If we had to describe MuckFest® MS with one word, we’d most likely say, “Fun.” We are called the FUN mud run for a reason! And with fun, comes lots of silly, happy, and outrageous moments throughout the day; moments that are often captured on camera! When moments like these take place, our Muckers exhibit what we call MuckFace. Your #MuckFace will show itself in the form of a grin, a laugh, and a muddy smile, or even a yelp when you hit the watery trench below you.

This year we want to see YOUR #MuckFace at MuckFest MS! We’ve even compiled a list of the 5 best places for your teammates and friends to snap your spontaneous mucky face. 

Muckin’ Corral

If you’ve ever been to a MuckFest MS, you’ll know that the muckin’ corral is the start line AND the start of all the shenanigans for the day! The finger can be pointed at our incredible Mud Master as the reason why. He’s an expert at getting Muckers muddy before even getting out on the course. You’ll want to be sure to snap some photos of your teammates while he has you play muddy leap frog, dump mud on each other, and show off your mucky dance moves.

Big Balls

Our favorite obstacle to play on before and after MuckFest MS is sure to bring out your ultimate #MuckFace! These nine giant swinging balls will knock your teammates right into the watery trenches all around them. You’ll surely capture some laughs, smiles, and even tumbles at this obstacle. BUT… be careful, you might find yourself (and your phone) falling into the water with them.

Swing Set

This obstacle will swing you high and fly you far which makes for the most extreme #MuckFace from Muckers all around! Just rock yourself back and forth on this standing swing set until you’ve gained some air, then take that giant leap into our muddy pool below. Your teammates have the perfect spot across the pond to capture your epic moves.

Finish Line

The finish line is the perfect place to capture those BIG smiles. After conquering all the obstacles, you’ve finally made it to our beautiful golden Puck the Muck Duck. Ringing the bell for a world free of MS and rubbing Puck’s golden head is guaranteed to bring about the brightest smiles from all your teammates because there’s nothing like feeling like a champion.


You did it! You showed the muck who’s boss and that means it’s time to clean up, grab a beer, and spend some un-mucky time with your team. The MuckFestival area sponsored by Traveler Beer is the perfect place to do this and capture photos to last a lifetime. Whether that’s a group shot at the inflatable duck or challenging each other to some festival games like tug-a-war, there are tons of #MuckFace opportunities post-run!