Muckiest Mother Muckers head to Charlotte

Muckiest Mother Muckers head to Charlotte

April 10, 2017 0 By muckfestms

While we’re SO excited to be bringing the muck to Charlotte for the first time, we know someone who might be even more excited than we are! Jorden Harvey has been a dedicated Boston Mucker for the last two years, but this year she gets to play in the mud closer to home. She and team Muckiest Mother Muckers will be helping us christen the mud in Charlotte for the first time.


MuckFest MS: How did you hear about the event?

Jorden: I saw the event on The Bachelor a couple years ago and thought it sounded like fun! My college roommate/best friend lives with MS so that’s what made me ready to take on the mud.

MuckFest MS: We know you have always mucked it in Boston. Who’s by your side when you play in the mud?

Jorden: Every year it’s been our little core group that started together and then every year other people tag along and join our team because they think it sounds like fun.

MuckFest MS: Why do you love MuckFest® MS?

Jorden: I get to have fun with my close friends while raising money and awareness for a great cause. What could be better?

MuckFest MS: How does it feel to get to experience a brand new MuckFest MS course this year?

Jorden: I am so excited to see a new course in a new city, plus this location is much closer to home for me!

MuckFest MS: Are you excited to be one of the first Muckers to ever get muddy in Charlotte?

Jorden: Being first is always fun! We get to muck where no muckers have mucked before!


MuckFest MS: Why is fundraising for MuckFest MS Charlotte important to you?

Jorden: I love the fact that all the money raised goes to research and treatment for those with MS. It feels like a great way to show my support for my best friend who has MS. Plus, I know a friend that has an aunt that is diagnosed and has gone through a lot of ups and downs because of it. So, I’ve always fundraised for the Boston events and I will for Charlotte, too.

MuckFest MS: Why do you think that others should start fundraising for the event?

Jorden: 100% of fundraising proceeds go to treatment and research. There is no confusion about where any of the money is going. MuckFest MS is straight forward and it feels great to help provide money towards treatment and research that is working to find a cure for MS.

MuckFest MS: How has participating in MuckFest MS impacted your life?

Jorden: It has brought me closer to my teammates. It gives us all a common cause to raise money for and helps us feel like we are making a difference for those who live with MS. We look forward to this event every year and try to raise as much money as possible for the National MS Society.

MuckFest MS: Tell us a little bit more about how MuckFest MS helps cultivate a bonding experience for you and your friends.

Jorden: There is a special bond created when you are sloshing through water, crawling through mud, and jumping from great heights with friends. Personally, I am not super athletic and a little afraid of heights so I depend on encouragement from my teammates when it comes to conquering the MuckFest MS course. We have made great memories the past two years and I can’t wait to make more in Charlotte!


MuckFest MS: What do you most look forward to at an event?

Jorden: Having fun with my teammates. On the day of the event when the fundraising is done, it’s just time to get mucky and have fun with my friends in the mud!

MuckFest MS: Describe MuckFest MS in three words.

Jorden: Muddy, fun, memorable!

MuckFest MS: Which obstacle is your favorite?

Jorden: It is a tie between the AbbVie Spinner and Flying Muckers. I guess I like flying through the air! I also love the Mucking Corral where the Mud Master has us play fun and muddy games before we get out on the course.

MuckFest MS: Finish this sentence… “When I’m at MuckFest MS, I…”

Jorden: always have a blast!

We cannot wait to muck it up with Jorden and her team! It’s even more exciting due to the fact that we are coming to Charlotte this year, Jorden’s team has grown to 17 people! Woo hoo!