Mucky Moves: How to Conquer Our Most Popular Obstacles

March 28, 2017 3 By muckfestms

So, you’ve signed up for a mud and obstacle run… at this moment, you might be questioning why you want to spend a day running, playing in mud, and taking on obstacles of all shapes and sizes. We know why you signed up, you want to help benefit the National MS Society and support a great cause! But you also want to show off to your friends and family with awesome action shots of you jumping, flying, and swinging around on cool obstacles that you won’t find anywhere else.

Still nervous? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of what you can expect at some of our favorite obstacles at MuckFest® MS! Check out our suggestions for conquering them and tips on how to look like an expert while still having fun.

Triple Pits

On this obstacle, you’ll make your way up and down our huge mounds of mud. With each climb, you’ll slide down the other side into a muddy pool. The best part? Each one gets even bigger than the last as you continue along. Expert tip: Look for a helping hand or just relax in one of the muddy pools in between your mountain treks so you don’t get tired out before you complete the obstacle.

Big Balls

These nine swinging balls will get you slipping and sliding in the mud until you get to the other side. But watch out, if you’re not careful they will knock you right into our pits of muck. We advise that you run across the path to the other side, but some Muckers find it easier to crawl through. We think you’ll want to stay on your feet for maximum fun. Expert tip: Challenge your teammates to a race across and surely one or two will slip into the watery trenches.

Spider Web

This two-part obstacle will take you under it through a tangled web of confusion while you get covered in mud. Then, you’ll come back around to climb high above the ground on our webbed net. Want an expert tip? Try crawling under the elastic cords so you don’t get trapped.

Swing Set

If you’ve ever wished they made a swing set just for adults, then you’ll find your dream come true at Swing Set. Just hop up on a platform and rock yourself back and forth until you’re ready to jump into the muddy abyss! We’ve got your expert tip… the longer you swing, the more epic the jump.

Flying Muckers

Your first order of business at this obstacle is making sure you have a good grip before launching out over the muddy water. Once you do, hang on tight! As soon as you leave the platform, Flying Muckers will zip you across a lake of mucky water and then you’ll drop down into said water. You’ll surely find your inner Tarzan as you zoom past your teammates. Expert tip: Remember to smile, there’s sure to be a photographer or two lurking around in the bushes.

 The AbbVie Spinner

Just like Flying Muckers, you’ll want to grab a handle tightly as this obstacle takes you on a spin. You’ll hang over a moat of water as this motorized obstacle takes you all the way around to the other side. True experts practice their acrobatic skills by hanging upside down during their journey. Not for you? Then try to knock your teammate off their ring while you spin around.

Crash Landing

The best way to end the day is with a leap of faith at our obstacle, Crash Landing. You’ll be able to brag to all your friends that you can now be hired as a stunt double. Expert tip: Make sure to kick your legs out in front of you when you jump. This way you’ll stick the landing!