Teaming Up for Tib

March 22, 2017 0 By muckfestms

Last year we had a very special team join us for MuckFest® MS Denver! Mayhem Muckers took on the muck with a team of 12 to show their support for their team member, Tib.

In 2015, Tib’s children decided that they should all participate in MuckFest MS to show support for their mother, who was diagnosed with MS in 2003. So they joined us and played in the mud together! For Tib, participating in MuckFest MS is important because it has a positive impact on her life in so many ways. Before 2015, she thought 5K’s were for “real” athletes. For a 50-year-old woman living with MS, the thought of a 5K was intimidating. However, after some convincing by her two sons and their girlfriends she decided to try it with them.

They planned to raise money for the National MS Society after signing up, and they made a pact to not only laugh as much as they could on the course, but to also help Tib tackle every single obstacle she wanted to attempt no matter if they had to pull, push, carry, or drag her. She found the whole idea daunting, but with the support of her kids she knew she wanted to do it to prove it to them and herself.

In the end, she conquered the course with non-stop laughing at and in-between each obstacle. After her experience, she knew they had to do it again the next year! So, in 2016, Tib gathered an array of friends and family to take on the muddy course at MuckFest MS Denver. She even got her husband to join in on the fun!

Nothing stopped Tib from completing the course. Not even her fear of climbing the obstacles like Spider Web or having to jump off Muck Off into a pool of muddy water. Her team encouraged her the whole way and her husband motivated her to face her fears and take on the challenges the day presented her. With them by her side, she laughed the day away and even felt so carefree that she felt like a kid!

Ultimately, for Tib, MuckFest MS was a perfect way for her to challenge herself and raise awareness about living with MS. By fundraising for the event, Tib could share with people that despite not looking sick, MS is something that affects her life. She raised close to $500 for the National MS Society and plans to raise even more this year.

She used the fundraising tools on the website to post to Facebook. It helped explain the event, the cause, and didn’t make her feel uncomfortable about asking for donations. She could share her personal story and show her friends and family exactly how to donate if they wanted to. She hopes to raise even more money this year to go towards MS research because finding a cure is her goal.

We can’t wait to have Tib and the Mayhem Muckers to join us again in 2017! Check out the footage from their team’s muddy adventure below! You’ll catch Tib in her blue “I Muck with MS” bandana to show she is stronger than MS. 

Message from Tib: “Having my sister and brother-in-law show up and take all this footage made me feel so supported and loved. Living with MS is often lonely because you don’t want to burden anyone with how you’re feeling, or with what’s going on. And most people with MS look fine, so no one knows if you’re not feeling well. It’s not their fault, how can they know when you don’t show it. So, to have MuckFest MS Denver as a way for friends and family to support me and the cause of finding a cure, sort of blew me away. If I can make even a small difference in getting someone to donate, participate, or just to have a better understanding about the disease then I’m happy.”