Karen Can’t Be Stopped

March 9, 2017 0 By muckfestms

Karen Adewale didn’t let her 2011 diagnosis stop her from conquering her goals. In fact, Karen decided to participate in MuckFest® MS on the anniversary of her diagnosis to prove that despite her struggles she could still physically complete her mission to end MS.

She had heard about MuckFest MS a couple time since being diagnosed, but when her sister received the same diagnosis from her doctor in 2013, Karen knew they needed to prove that they were both stronger than MS. So they signed up to get muddy!

MuckFest MS: What initially motivated you to sign up for MuckFest MS?

Karen: My sister was the one who suggested it.  She and I both have MS and she thought I would be interested.

MuckFest MS: Why did you want to have the experience of doing MuckFest MS?

Karen: I was initially motivated to sign up for MuckFest MS because 5 years ago I participated in another mud run during a flare-up that led to my MS diagnosis. Running in MuckFest MS this past year was a way to celebrate my 5-year anniversary of living with MS and also an exciting way to raise money for the National MS Society.

MuckFest MS: How do you think MuckFest MS will help you feel empowered as a woman who is living with MS?

Karen: MuckFest MS helped me feel empowered as a woman living with MS because I was able to prove to myself that after 5 years of living with MS, I am strong and nothing will stop me from living my life and accomplishing my goals.

MuckFest MS: Besides MuckFest MS, how do you show your MS who’s boss?

Karen: I think having a positive attitude has helped me live so well with MS.  Being able to have fun, laugh at yourself and be lighthearted is very beneficial and MuckFest MS allows you to do that, too!

MuckFest MS: How do you feel about knowing you’re playing such a big role in helping stomp MS into the mud once and for all?

Karen: It feels great, it’s very exciting!

MuckFest MS: Are you fundraising any money for the National MS Society?

Karen: Yes, I did raise money by asking family and friends for donations. The Facebook fundraising tool was very helpful in raising funds.

MuckFest MS: What are you most looking forward to at the event?

Karen: I was most looking forward to meeting new friends and finishing the event.

MuckFest MS: Which obstacle do you think will be your favorite?

Karen: Big Balls will be my favorite!

MuckFest MS: Finish this sentence… “When I get into my #MudZone, I’ll probably…”

Karen: Be smiling from ear to ear!

We are so excited to have Karen and her family join us for MuckFest MS! We can’t wait to see you conquer the course and stomp MS into the mud.